Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Greeting Cards featuring Boo-Ville

i've been at it again.......playing with the lovely Little Yellow Bicycle Boo-Ville product!

it's the perfect excuse to let my inner child come out and get funky with the color purple! it used to be my favorite color, but red has taken over the favorite spot. you don't find too many scrapbooking products that are purple. hrmph.

anywho. it's kinda hard to see in that first picture all the dimension and gloss that this card has, so i took a close up. the EEK! and the spider web are both epoxy stickers layered on a journaling block cardstock-weight sticker. then, the little jack-o-lanterns are hiding behind some crumbled 'grass'.

and, i'm a huge fan of making cards pretty both inside and out! i talk about it a lot in my Cards: Beautifully Handmade e-book. (little shameless plug there). so, here's the peek at the inside of the card above.

this next card looks a bit fussy on the front, but it honestly took just a few minutes of tinkering, thanks to the Collage Stripe Patterned Paper. it's super cute with glitter accents and thermography on the green polka dot pattern.
here's a peek at the full sheet so you can see how i cut it down. just a note: all the cards you see today are built on 5 x 7 cards from Bazzill.

as you can see, to the paper, i added the mirror sticker, the black bat clear accent, a favorite phrase sticker 'happy halloween', black ribbon and some star gems.

the inside is super simple, but carries the color scheme through with another favorite phrase sticker and a spider & web clear accent.

i'm SO not a fan of spiders---just ask my husband how many times i holler for him to come kill one. but, this spider? he's SO cute. don'tcha think?

last card share for today. this one makes me happy. totally fun vibe going on. it's hard to see the cute faces on the bats. they are epoxy also, with lots of glare. epoxy accents are hard to photograph.
detail that's hard to see on this one is the 'happy halloween' is a clear accent with lots of sparkly glitter and that cute spider again.

with a carry-thru design to the inside and lots of room to add your personal sentiment.

and more detail on the clear glittered accent. these accents are by far my favorite thing in this whole collection. irresistible!

i've made several cards and will be sending them to school with a huge Hershey candy bar for each of the girls' teachers.....BUT, these cards are bonus.

if you're not the crafty type, you can find them in my ETSY shop NOW! i'll automatically upgrade to free priority shipping to ensure you have them in time.


  1. sorry but NO spider is cute ... even if they have googly eyes ...eek!
    Love the cards!

  2. These cards are just too adorable & the insides are as nice as the outsides.
    Don't ask me why, but this popped into my head this morning as I almost took a pill on the wrong day. I recalled your blog about taking your daughters pill by mistake. I was thinking that maybe you could put your pills in a second basket but make it a basket that has a tactile difference. Something like a rag basket so that even in the dark you would feel the difference in the baskets as you reached for the pills.~Just a thought...

  3. adorable cards and such a pretty blog! I found you through Kara's blog and will now happily follow you.

  4. great cards, love how you added to the paper with glitter :D

  5. Totally understand about spiders! I crafted a card last night with paper that had crushed velvet spiders on it & I was just dying! Didn't want to touch them, but somehow I managed to get it done. Spiders should be crushed, not crafted with!:) Love your cards!


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