Monday, August 29, 2011

FISKARS: Yo-Yo Pillow

this is a project that i've had in my head waiting to come out for a super long time, but i've never made the time to do it. but, i'm SO excited i finally got to do it with the help of some amazing Fiskars tools. and now, i get to share it with you! :)

if you've been a blog reader for some time, or in any of my Embellishments: Beautifully Handmade classes, you know how incredibly obsessed i am with making yo-yos.

they are so easy to whip up, super pretty. and they give me a good excuse to do some more shopping at the fabric store. heee.

so that pretty pile of fabric circles, quickly turned to these...

and 25 of those got handpicked and placed like this....then, stitched down and turned into this pillow...

which is hands-down my most favorite thing i've ever made, EVER!

come find out how to make your very own Yo-Yo Pillow, step-by-step-by-step. it's my most recently featured project over at Fiskars!

it's a completely FREE tutorial...........what'cha waitin' for!?!


  1. I LOVE them, but I don't think they'd be easy for me. Needles and thread and I don't always get along!

  2. I was once obsessed with yo-yos too. I made about 300 one time and brought them all to a large crop that my LSS was hosting and everyone was blown away by them. Very pretty pillow!

  3. Majorly cute pillow, Tania! Love it!


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