About Me

tania here. (that's pronounced tahn-ya for those unsure)

anywho. i'm a wife and mother of two spunky princesses. one quirky girl. one 'Spidergirl'. i'm a lover of lowercase typing & coffee flavored icecream. i wear flip-flops year round even when it's snowing and the smell of bacon makes me gag. i'm all about pretty stationery, being frugal and the color red. i used to have the nickname 'karate kid' but am sadly out of practice and unable to prove why. let's just say the only black belt around my waist now is on my jeans. in my dreams i have a perfectly organized house, but reality is, it's organized chaos and makes me only slightly neurotic.

i'm extremely curious and ask a lot of questions, but usually forget the answer just minutes later. don't mistake this for lack of being genuine i just have a bad short term memory. i loathe shopping & the smell of fruit flavored chewing gum. baking is my go-to stress relief and cleaning too--as long as there aren't two girls un-pretty-ing (yes, it's a word) everything i just made pretty.

i'm moved & inspired by sight and sound, and have fallen in love with indie/pop music. i guard family time with my heart and can't resist browsing thrift stores or flee markets for decorating treasures. i'm undeniably loyal, but indescribably sensitive. i long to connect with people on a deeper level, and being able to sharing my thoughts uninhibited without judgement. and i'm pretty sure i'll lose you all with the fact that i love myself a good peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich. it's delicious, i promise.


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