Saturday, May 14, 2005

at the beach...

the drive to the beach wasn't as bad as i anticipated. the girls were perfect on the drive....other than the last hour or so. i think we all got a little restless about then. ashlyn enjoyed coloring with her markers and reading library books most of the way. i don't know what we would have done without the clifford music cd i picked up from the library the night before we left! emma entertained herself with her little turtle toy and linked rings hanging from her carseat. tuesday night em had oatmeal for the first time. wednesday morning, she had splotchy red marks all over her body that was hot to the touch. after several phone calls back and forth to the doctor, we gave her some benadryl and she was fine. that was scary. i think we'll stay away from the oats for a while. we spent wednesday at the beach....not such a pleasant experience. ashlyn was hysterical--crying so hard she could barely catch her breath. i'm sure seeing the wide open beach was a little overwhelming to her. last year she kept calling it a big bathtub with lots of soap in it, LOL! doug finally got her settled after about 45 minutes--only after she insisted that she take off her sundress and her bathing suit. daren got the most adorable picture of her looking out onto the beach with nothing but her diaper on (i'll post it later...he's busy with the baby now) i didn't get all those perfect snapshots i've been dreaming of, but i sure did snap enough of her pitching a fit crying. anywho...she made a few sandcastles and collected a whole bucket of seashells before we called it a day. toddlers are so unpredictable at times. i enjoyed walking the beach with emma in tow. she was mesmerized by the waves rolling in. we walked about a mile up and down the beach until she put herself to sleep just watching the waves. i couldn't believe the number of jellyfish that had washed up on the beach--they really look quite disgusting just laying there in the sand. thursday we spent the day at the tanger outlet malls shopping, dinner at el cerro grande--awesome mexican food, and then took ash to build a bear at broadway at the beach. she could have cared less about making her alligator....she just wanted to play on the computers they have to make the birth certificate. although this year she was really into giving her alligator a bath--last year she wouldn't even think about it when she made her monkey. she ended up naming him Spider. i loved the time away with just ash. friday doug's brother and family arrived and we all went to sears for a family portrait. all 13 of us! it wasn't as bad as everyone thought it would be--the pictures turned out amazing! we each got individual family pictures too. we wanted pictures of just the girls, but ash wouldn't cooperate, so instead it ended up being a picture of me and the girls....i am thrilled with it!!! i couldn't have asked for a better picture. afterward we ended up hanging out with the whole family having a cookout. ashlyn has taken a strong liking to lyndsay jo. we are supposed to go back to the beach again today. i am dreading it since i got really burnt on my back wednesday...i didn't remember the meds i'm taking make you extremely sensitive to sunrays....don't think i'll forget that again. i think ash will be a bit more open to going since lyndsay is going too. hopefully. i don't think i can endure another repeat of wednesday. it just broke my heart to see her so upset about being there. maybe today is my opportunity for some great photos. i really want one of all of our feet in the sand on the beach. guess i better get off here and paint my toenails....


  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great time!

  2. Can't wait to see all your new pictures! I'm so glad you are having such a fun time!


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