Tuesday, May 24, 2005

whew--what a weekend...

whew.....what a weekend! it was so much fun, but jammed packed.....and i mean jammed packed! a HUGMUNGO thanks to rachael for taking me in for the weekend and to melissa for toting us around everywhere! you girls ROCK and it was an amazing experience getting to meet the two of you and just be girls! the convention was 2 days packed with non-stop talking and teaching at the scrapworks booth and classes....fun stuff--but exhausting! it was awesome to have debbie hill join the 3 of us for those 2 days! and a huge shout out to melanie at scrapworks.....girl you are at HOOT! congrats to debbie for placing 2nd in the scrapworks "life in...." contest with an amazing entry and to rachael for winning the papercrafts card contest!!! woooohooooo! i was also thrilled to have met some of the girls from scrappersanonymous.com in person.....patty, sherri, pam, kathleen, leslie, jen, michelle, holli boyd, sandra, tamika......i know i'm forgetting people---please forgive me! and what a fun time all greeting sherry with a huge hello from all of us at the crop....so fun! rachael's children are even more adorable in person than they look in her layouts in the gallery---that's pretty darn adorable! time went by way too fast and i still feel as if i'm going round and round in circles! i'm having a major craving for dunkins--strawberry fruit coolata (i'm addicted thanks to melissa!). can't wait to see the picture from cj's.....boy that guacamole was yummy! a big congrats to jen for winning the layout contest at the crop!! have fun spending your $$$ girlie! wishing i could promise i'll be there next year, but after my flight home today, i don't know if i'll ever get on another airplane again!!!! we boarded at 10:16 on my connecting flight in philly and didn't take off the runway until 11:15.....then, halfway through the flight, we hit some extreme and horrifying turbulance--i thought for sure my life was over!!! i can't imagine the horror the passengers felt on 9/11. meeting ashlyn at the gate erased all those horrifying memories--at least temporarily! she ran to me screeching in excitement, jumping into my arms and squeezing both of my cheeks giggling at me for at least ten minutes! i've never seen a kid so excited to see her mamma! we had an audience at the airport.....everyone stopped in their tracks watching her....and her laughter became contagious as everyone around started laughing too! darn i wish i had a picture of it!!!! she definitely missed me. this afternoon she gave me a big huge and kiss and said "i missed you mommy....don't you go on an airplane ever, ever again...okay?" such a sweet, sweet girl! thanks everyone for an amazing weekend!

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