Thursday, June 16, 2005 feels good...

to finally get some things done around the house and yard! i was able to mark a few things off my to do list from yesterday, but started with a whole different list today. i was up early with the little one sorting through totes of clothes for our upcoming garage sale. then we spent some time working in the flower beds getting them ready for mulching! it was a beautiful day for working in the garden. mild temps, nice breeze, absolutely PERFECT! we made our weekly trip to don pablo's for lunch then a trip to GFS to stock our freezer with meats. as soon as we got home i was back out the door for physical therapy. let me tell you....this therapy can be so rewarding, yet frustrating at the same time. i have hip dyplasia and one of my hips keeps rotating out of alignment. so every therapy session we start with a exercise that essentially puts me back into alignment....instant pain relief. then we work on some exercise to help strengthen all the muscles in my lower back/pelvic region. so today we finished up and i took 4 steps walking toward the door to leave and i felt my hip rotate right back out of alignment. total frustration. back to the therapy table to start at square one again. needless to say i'm not feeling so hot tonight. anywho....after therapy i helped doug (what little i could) shuffle things in the garage to one side so he could powerwash the floor. let it dry and then shuffled to the other side to do the same thing. wow.....what a difference. that floor was F-I-L-T-H-Y!!! the previous owner had a construction business and used the garage to house all his equipment. yuck! after the kids woke from their naps, we took a trip to DQ. mocha chip word....YUMMY!! next off to big K for a garden tool which they didn't have--bummer! back home to sort some more for the garage sale and some house chores. doug left a bit ago to meet a friend to see batman begins. emma's in bed. ashlyn is scared of the neighborhood kids shooting fireworks and i'm ready to sit back relax and read a book. tomorrow is another busy day. mulching the flower beds, running errands, steaming cleaning carpets, setting up the garage sale, hanging signs and cleaning house for my weekend guests--dawn and retta!

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