Saturday, July 23, 2005

things i learned at CHA...

-i'm sheltered....
-i get carsick if i sit in the back seat *yuck*
-go with the all works out in the end.
-make sure you confirm your hotel reservation if someone else is making it for you.
-chicago pizza pie is yumummmmy
-people KNOW me!!
-the manufacturers really do LOVE talking to the designers.
-provo craft was ROCKIN' the house with some fabulous make-n-takes.
-the new kids on the block had some awesome, kick butt products!
-you really can eat too much ben & jerry's icecream
-the celebrities really are just everyday people with a big name
-don't try to drive anywhere in the city--take the L
-friends and scrapbooking don't mix (i really learned this long ago, but must have forgot)
-pubsters are {cool}
-chicago is a fun, but scary place to be if you take the wrong turn
-windy city (a lss) is an awesome store! talk about one stop scrapbook shopping---this is the place to be!
-booth setup at the shows SUCK
-designers are getting taken advantage of left and right by many manufacturers
-building friendships and making connections show after show really does pay off
-IKEA....holy heck....why don't we have these on the eastcoast??
-a 3:30am bedtime, 5 days in a row is NOT enough sleep
-chicago is NOT a quick 6 hour trip like mapquest says
to be continued...

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