Sunday, November 13, 2005

things that are makin' me laugh.....

my dad taught ashlyn.....anytime she hears Browns she needs to say "Go Bengals". bwahaaahaaa......for those of you who know doug, this is hysterical--turning on her daddy's team.

while at austin's pajama party, ashlyn says to austin "it's okay austin, you can do it when you grow up to be a big girl."

every time ashlyn comes up from the playroom or goes down into the playroom, she has to step on every single hopscotch square. it is hilarious. she'll run from my studio to go across the playroom to go upstairs, but the second she hits the hopscotch she stops running and makes sure her feet touch every last square. oh brother, *rolling eyes* please tell me she isn't going to be obsessive compulsive!

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