Friday, December 09, 2005

a bunch of randomness...

haven't posted in a while. been busy and in pain.

in the past week.......
getting over bronchitis/laryngitis. blech!
got lots of rush assignments out the door.
finally got out the remaining invites for emma's party.
emma grace turned a year on monday--happy birthday sweetie.
4 cards requested for publication---yahoooo!
doug cut his shaggy doo back down to a 2-6. looks so much better.
ashlyn headed back to preschool after being out sick for 2 weeks.
got some christmas shopping done.
dr. appoint for em---'nother ear infection.
got some fun scrappy mail! love when that happens!
added some personal touches to the studio---looks a little more cozy.
sent some fun scrappy mail packages out the door to some friends.
had 2nd epidural steriod injection yesterday---the pain was much worse than the first.
cookie exchange/playdate at amy's, fun stuff.

otherwise, life at the homefront brings something new and exciting every day.

emma is in bed, ashlyn is in bed and i think i might just call it a night....yeppers, it is ONLY 9pm and i'm going to bed. first time in a long time.

thought i'd share a cute little picture of our this one. definitely shows her personality. oh yeah....this was taken before the hair massacre spoke of in a previous post!
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