Saturday, March 03, 2007

so what's new?

well, there's so much going on and i feel so out of touch with keeping everyone updated.
so sorry.

so here's the run down:
MM Idol
the site had so many problems with their software that manages the huge volume of traffic they are getting with this contest, so much of the day the site wasn't working properly or was just completely shut down. so, in an effort to make everything right and level the playing ground, they decided to pull everything down from the site and start fresh on monday.

which means........all votes were deleted. ugh.

so, GO BACK MONDAY and vote again, please!

she started back to therapy this week after missing two weeks. she's a huge ball of energy and i'm usually worn out after her being awake only 30 minutes. definitely more exhausting than having a newborn baby. she's totally into asking my opinion on things and then immediately after i finish my answer she says "it's okay mommy, i'll do what i want to." then she does her little hairflip thing and goes running into her room, slamming the door. i just might have to follow in my dad's footsteps on how to handle this situation and take that door right off the hinges. i swear i feel like she is 5 going on 15-----i am so not ready for her to have this type of an attitude. and she is all attitude. where did my sweet, affectionate little girl go? oh, one little funny. yesterday she asked, "mommy when's daddy going to make me my tater teeter? i said huh? what are you talking about. she said "daddy said he was going to make some tater teeters for me to eat." hahaa......i said "you mean tater tots?" she said....."silly mommy, that's what i said, tater totters." she is so easily embarrassed, thus the "silly mommy." she must say that a hundred times a day.

oh my. she's a little bugger! ornery as all get out. she looooooves to imitate anything and everything that ashlyn does. scary, huh? the two of them are getting along quite nicely lately---wonder how long that will last? em has a new found love for bubbles. all day long she carries that little bubble container around dripping bubble juice everywhere. oh so cute. it is amazing how something so simple can entertain her all day long. oh, and she's talking up a storm now. i think in the past 2 days she's added about 20 words to her vocabulary-----the cutest of them all----"ashie". <-----what she calls sissy. cute i tell ya.

he just got back from spending a few days up in canton visiting friends, just hanging out and relaxing. man, he so deserved it! every free minute he's had, he's been catering to the girls every need and stepping in my place with housework and cooking so i could focus on getting the last portions of the book done. love that man!

i've had my nose to the grind on book stuff. cindy came to stay last thurs-sat to start and finish text for the book.......and do a little whirlwind tour of columbus shopping at all the cool home decor stores. *smile* now ya'll know i hate to shop, but when it comes to home decor, i could spend all day every day searching for stuff that adds character to our home. stuff that makes it our own. i ended up with a few things for the studio and some antique iron keys for the livingroom. can't wait to spraypaint them for the finish i want on them and hang them up. so, back to the book.....i'm excited to say that monday cindy mailed off 6 of the 8 chapters worth of projects! hallelujah! then thursday the text, book layout, etc got overnighted! another hallelujah! now we have 2 short chapters to finish by the 7th. no problem, right?!

kitchen remodel
dad and doug spent time 2 weekends ago removing the old and installing the new. we now have black countertops and a brand spankin' new deep white farm sink. ahhhhhhh! bliss. now i just have to get my bum in gear and paint the cabinets that i stripped and primed, then strip, prime and paint the other cabinets, strip wallpaper, patch the walls, add all the new cabinet hardware, paint the walls, blah, blah, blah. phew. lots to do. it *might* be done before this fall, LOL. it's hard to find time to do this kind of stuff when you have 2 little helpers, trying to "help".

photo a day
i've been taking the photos, but it takes lots of time to download them, organize them and then resize and upload them all. so bear with me. i'll have more pictures soon.

oh, uploaded some new layouts in my gallery here:

happy weekend!

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