Monday, June 11, 2007

wish me luck.

tomorrow is ashlyn's kindergarten evaulation.
earlier today was a total meltdown upon mentioning it.
this evening has been non-stop giddyness and chatter about it.
she's so fickle.

"do they have a gym with mats and rings and ropes?"
yes. babe.
"really, mommy, they do?"

"mommy, do they have water there?"
yes. of course.

"what if i get hungry?"
"oh, oh.....i better practice writing my abcs!"
"mommy, i'm going to color this carebear picture so they know i'm a great artist."
"daddy...listen. (insert singing abcs). did i do it right?"

and on and on and on.
needless to say, she's excited!
wants the alarm clock set.
to wake up early.

"mommy, am i the bestest kid in the whole town?"
did you doubt it for a second? of course you are sweetheart!

do you think the excitement will last till morning?

i'm not holding my breath.

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