Tuesday, September 25, 2007

brain purge.

this week is promising to be a busy one.
my world is spinning right now.
busy, busy, busy.

today. ashlyn has no school. every other wednesday there is no school for her. but this time wednesday got moved to tuesday.

so why is it that i choose today to try to gather the million and one scattered game pieces and

puzzle pieces and get them back to their proper homes? the girls have different plans. they are ripping the games apart faster than i can get them back together. i might have to wave the flag of surrender soon.

catching up on laundry. i think i can finish it up in 3 loads, but then i still have to fold those plus the other 7 we've washed in the past 2 days. why so much laundry? it's called leaky sippy cups at naptime, mixed with the cold nasties traveling around and 2 weekends worth of house guests. having fun and ignoring housework has caught up with me. rats!

tonight i'll be finishing up my tutorial for the October newsletter for ScrapSupply

tomorrow and thursday will find me frantically looking for fancy white dress shoes with a bit of a pump or heel <-----heel, did i just say heel? yes, heel. for my oldest princess. she's was asked to be the back-up flower girl for a wedding in case the out-of-town niece couldn't make it. we found out a few days ago, the niece can't make it. ashlyn is thrilled. i might be pulling my hair out if i have to go to more then 3 stores to find shoes. i loathe shopping. any suggestions on where to find white shoes appropriate for a flower girl when it's after labor day and white shoes are taboo?

oh, thursday morning i have an appointment to attend. only one kid in tow. i can handle that.

friday, we'll be making fun of doug being looped on valium prior to surgery. just kiddin.
the evening will find me and ash at the rehearsal dinner for the wedding.

saturday. morning prep for wedding. afternoon wedding. evening reception. one of doug's co-workers getting married. one that calls ash for no other reason than to say "hi" and "how are you sweetie." she's cool like that. so happy for them!

i'm offically stalking my mailman for a shipment of rubber from Purple Onion Designs. can't wait to put them to use. excited to be working with the owner, michele! and not so patiently waiting for some product from Timeless Touches to arrive. adding more creative work feels good now that we are settling into a bedtime routine with ash. i've worked with product from both of these companies for projects that were featured the last two books i wrote with cindy.

(pssst. grammy at the beach....remind me again which one you don't have. i found extra copies of the 2 most recent ones and i have something else to send your way too!)

i have yet to complete a few thank you notes from the funeral. ignoring them isn't making them disappear. imagine that.

and this is my new favorite website: allaboutHim Christian women encouraging one another.

dragging my feet subscribing to Grocery Game. why? don't know. guess it's back to that overwhelming feeling of yet another thing to feel like i have to do. yet i'm sure it will cut our grocery budget.

90 days til Christmas. yikes! where does the time go?

the kitchen floor is currently an indoor slip n slide as the girls handmop the floor. wonder how much long they'll be thrilled to mop before they are "too old" to think it is fun?

the soothing hum of the dryer just stopped. my time is up.

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