Thursday, November 15, 2007

this just in.

the root cabin IS in fact being preserved.
and that makes me happy.

dad called the other night saying that the town paper had a write up about the preservation of the cabin. the gist of the article was that all the logs were numbered before being disassembled and then hauled away with plans to reconstruct it in a park on busey road in 2008.

soooooooo cool!

and even cooler? this shot from aunt donna with all the logs tagged with numbers. at least someone didn't procrastinate too long for a picture. THANK YOU!

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life can go on now.


  1. what a cool building (would make an awesome photo shoot back ground!-n

  2. I have to run to the office to get your picture so I can post them Ryan took my lap top up there- hopefully it can happen today-n


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