Tuesday, August 19, 2008

talking to himself.

so doug and i were IM'ing when i was at work the other day. i stepped away from the desk to file something and came back to this....

TWCdoug (12:53:52 PM): oliver wants me to go to old mans cave with him tonight
TWCdoug (12:54:08 PM): you want me to stay home and hang with you guys
TWCdoug (12:54:08 PM): yes please
TWCdoug (12:54:09 PM): thank you
TWCdoug (12:54:20 PM): i'll let him know that i'm not going
TWCdoug (12:54:35 PM): thx, i don't want to go make some dumb video anyway

willis029 (12:56:13 PM): hahahaaa
willis029 (12:56:28 PM): so in a matter of 45 seconds you had an entire conversation with yourself.
willis029 (12:56:32 PM): that's funny.

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