Tuesday, October 21, 2008

recovery mode.

1 hour pre-op
20 minutes for both surgeries
no complications!
2 hours recovery
and now we are home resting and trying to keep her calm and quiet.
for a week.
that's no easy task!

she's feeling good, not too cranky, not in any pain, just complaining of a little sore throat (which is normal), she's still got a good appetite. we'll see what tomorrow brings. more tomorrow.......thanks for all the prayers!


  1. Poor baby, she had to be awake to get the IV!! They always placed mine after they had knocked me out and took it out before I woke up so it wouldnt freak me out! Which I was always thankful for! I am glad to hear she is doing well and everything went good!! Give her a big hug for me! Hope to see you all at Thanksgiving at moms

  2. I am so glad she is doing well. She has been in my prayers today, what an Awesome God we have!!!

    Thanks for telling us about Scrapsupply at the church on Saturday. I really like that site, and now I found your blog- which is amazing BTW!!

  3. Sounds like it went just as it should!! Has she noticed a difference in her hearing yet? Can't wait to hear about the changes this brings to her life!!

  4. How did the IV insertion go? That was always the uncomfortable part. I hope the doctors and nurses spoiled her rotten. I hope she enjoys loads of family time and gets the rest she needs. Sweet girl!


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