Thursday, February 12, 2009

going on a hot date...

with my husband.
to Ikea.
and dinner.
and a movie.
and a hotel.

with NO kids!!!!!!!!!

i've only been to Ikea one time, for 30 minutes, with kids in tow. so i basically saw nothing and kept worrying that i was going to lose them in the chaos.

i think he is more excited than i am about Ikea! so, tell me.............what must we buy? 'cause it's far away from home.........and i might never get back.



  1. Sounds great!!

  2. I hardly ever leave Ikea empty-handed, but I love going just for inspiration. There is SO much to see. Our closest one is an hour south, but oh so worth the drive.

    Our next purchase from Ikea will be a bathroom sink for the master/hub's bathroom. Our last purchase was circle rugs for the kids and Expedit shelves and table for me [for my scrappy area].

    Oh yes, make time to have a snack in the cafe -- swedish meatballs and lingonberry juice. Yum.

    Have fun and enjoy your kid-free time!

  3. I want one of their duvets. My sister got one and it is so comfy! I'm hoping to go later this month. They've got great treats at the end, too. My heritage is very Scandinavian, so I love the lingonberries and such! Have fun!

  4. Don't know anything about Ikea 'cept everyone loves it. What I'm wanting to know is WHICH movie will you see????

  5. I love ikea! I could spend hours and a fortune in there! Yummy treats, fo sho!!! Furniture - you will want it all. Love my expedit, and my new scrappy table. Super cute napkins for the table... Kitchen accessories, lamps, fabric... So awesome - love my duvet, and my 3 year old has a super cute duvet with the insert. It is so comfy!!! Kids décor... Ok, I'll stop. LOL


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