Friday, April 17, 2009

doctor says.......

we're on day 5 of emma not sleeping through the night, but rather coughing all night long and struggling to catch her breath. her inhaler wasn't lasting her 4 hours, none of us are getting any sleep. the allegra worked for a whole week. bah.

after an asthma attack this morning, we rushed to the doctor for a breathing treatment and better diagnosis......i was prepared to not settle for "oh, it's just her allergies."

long story short, one of the tubes they put in her ear is infected, she's got a sinus infection and pneumonia. (same symptoms she had a week ago when she saw a different doctor who did nothing about it. ugh)

so now she's on:
Antibiotic, once a day for 10 days
Liquid Steriod, twice a day for 5 days
Allergy Medicine, twice a day forever
Asthma Medicine, once a day forever
Inhaler, as needed.

and strict orders to rest and not exert herself. hah. do they know how hard it is to keep a 4 year old still and quiet?

so far we've played with sidewalk chalk, built robots with marshmallows and toothpicks, and mixed up a batch of oobleck (lots more photos later). she looooooved the oobleck.

any other quiet activity ideas that are fresh and new and that keep a preschooler's interest (read: not boring) that you can offer to keep us busy through the weekend?

we already have playdoh, movies, puzzles, lacing cards, painting and building a gingerbread house on the list.


  1. Make homemade playdough, or some finger puppets. Have her make her own "book."

    What is oobleck?

    Hope she feels better soon!!

  2. The boys and I made our own miniature kites out of cardboard and scrapbook stuff, stickers, yarn, etc. Jason made a bunch for his friends.

  3. Mine always enjoy when I put a big pile of shaving cream on the counter & they play all they want with it. Just remind her not to go anywhere near her eyes with her hands (definitely burns the eyes).

  4. How about have her make a texture collage? Give her different textures of material, paper, sand paper, etc. Let her cut them into pieces and glue them onto heavy card stock or thin chipboard.


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