Thursday, November 26, 2009

even bombarded with problems, i'm thankful.

let's face it, life hasn't been exactly peaches and cream lately.

  • even though my house is a constant disaster, i'm thankful i still have a house.
  • even though my back is screaming in pain and pain killers are currently my friend, i thankful that i'm not paralyzed and can still walk.
  • even though emma has been extremely difficult to parent, i'm thankful that i have a children to love.
  • even though ashlyn is extremely defensive, i'm thankful that God gives me the grace to love her through all the emotional meltdowns.
  • even though we have a mountain of medical bills, i'm thankful we have insurance because they could be so much more.
  • even though i'm riddled with guilt from being physically limited to live up to my own expectations, i'm thankful i have a counselor who keeps me centered and shows me perspective.
  • even though i can't do everything i used to do, i'm thankful for a husband who picks up the slack without complaining.
  • even though i can't celebrate Thanksgiving with my mom, i'm thankful for invitations to celebrate with her family and catch glimpses of her in them.
  • even though i can't afford to host Thanksgiving dinner, i'm thankful for my dad and step-mom who go above and beyond to make the most amazing feast ever.
  • even though my marriage isn't perfect, i'm thankful i have a marriage to work on perfecting.

so, so, so very much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. no doubt. but i'm especially grateful for perspective. and the fact that every negative has a postive counterpart.

hAppy ThAnkGiving fRiends! hope your holiday is full of gratitude and surrounded by those you love.


  1. Awww. How well stated, Tania. Many hugs to you and yours this Thanksgiving!

  2. It was good seeing you today, and fun to talk with Ashlyn about books! They both are absolutely adorable.
    Will call this week to set something up with you!


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