Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Recipe Mini: Crafting with Cosmo & SRM

about a week ago, i teased about some upcoming projects with Cosmo Cricket product that was provided to all the members of the SRM Stickers design team. well, the time has come! this week on the SRM blog, we're celebrating Crafting with Cosmo all.week.long. pure awesomeness, yes?

if you're a fan of Cosmo Cricket (and really, who isn't a fan!?), you won't want to miss the happenings---SO much inspiration over on the SRM blog this week. check it out!

as i mentioned before, Cosmo Cricket sent me the Garden Variety Crafting Kit.

and i paired that crafting kit with these SRM cooking stickers:

NOTE: if you can't find these SRM stickers at your local scrapbook store, you can purchase them by clicking here.

putting together that kit & these stickers, along with a hefty dose of repetition, i came up with this recipe mini album that includes our family favorites.

most of the recipes inside this recipe mini, i've blogged about on this blog. if you are interested, this link will take you to them.

i chose to use extra larger binder rings so that i can add pages over the next several years. and i've already tucked it away in my daughter's treasure box. :)

i love practically effortless projects! now, go check out the SRM blog for more Cosmo deliciousness! i can't wait to try my hand at Nina's quilt card tutorial. it's brilliant!


  1. Love this project! Fantatic job!!

  2. I love, love, love, love it! Now can you make me one so I can fake like I know how to cook? :)

  3. Your cosmo and srm projects are so cool! They look fantastic together, you have a great eye for color schemes. Thanks for the fun ideas.

  4. hey there! i love this - its one of my happy things this week!!



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