Sunday, May 16, 2010

abby's hugs.

a few weeks ago, we opened the door to a large package from the mailman. i was a bit perplexed as to what it could be since i wasn't expecting anything to be delivered. that's when i noticed it was from a sweet student of mine who had been through my In Loving Memory class.

she had mentioned a few weeks before via email that she was sending something, but i completely forgot about it until after i opened it and realized what it was.

inside was a slew of toys, stuffies, and activities that were perfect in every way for my girls. like everything was handpicked just for them. spiderman, spongebob, doggies, art supplies, coloring books, princesses--all their favorites--labeled as Abby's Hugs.

Brenda is another mother who knows exactly what it's like to have a young daughter with health problems. she knows the comfort involved and the entertainment needed as you hop from one appointment to another as she did with her sweet daughter Abrielle, until she tragically lost her sweet daughter to a drunk driver, who was only 3.

as a way to honor her daughter's memory, Brenda started the Abrielle Neff Foundation spreading Abby's Hugs to children in the hospital awaiting surgery and those visiting the emergency room.

each toy is given with a postcard explaining with a brief paragraph on one side why the foundation was started and a little poem on the other side:

Abby's Hugs

Things happen in life
That can be rough,
And when you're in pain,
It just makes it tough.

Whether you're sad
Hurt, or feeling fright,
I'm here to help out,
By hugging me tight.

So with each little squeeze,
Let your feelings go
And you'll be back home
Faster than you know.

since she got her in the mail, he goes with her to every doctor appointment, test, allergy shot. she calls him her fluffy dog.

we're so thankful for programs like Abby's Hugs. they have made our visits to the ER, visits to the surgery center, recovery time, doctors appointments and weekly allergy shots a little less scary & and little more fun in the waiting room.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this wonderful gift! I am amazed at how some people can be so kind when they have suffered so much. What a simply wonderful idea!

    Sending hugs to Abby's Mom, You and your Spidergirl.


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