Sunday, June 27, 2010

this one takes the cake.

i have never laughed as hard while downloading pictures as i did when this one popped up on the screen. this is my new favorite picture.


hope you're having a FABULOUS weekend and staying cool in this heat! the weekend for us has been full of swimming, sleepovers, parties, scrapbooking for CHA deadlines, dinner with friends, and more swimming today.

the little mini-breaks are what keep me sane during CHA time.

i tried to get a normal picture of the girls and asked them to swim to the edge and hold still for a quick second. instead, ashlyn heard that as swim to the edge, bob up and down, splash water all over me, and lick her sister. crazy kid.

but, ya know.......this is pretty much "normal". so, i'll take it.

it's obviously apparent that they come by it honestly, LOL. yep. this is my normal. ha.

oh, and the new lidocaine ointment i picked up from the pharmacy for my back= numbing relief. AWESOME.

back to work.......


  1. such fun pics - you have a great family :D

  2. Such super pics, Tania! I am glad I am not the only one who gets the tongue stuck out at me when I am trying to get pics of my daughter! Fun fun!

  3. Wonderful pics and even more wonderful news about the ointment!


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