Monday, June 21, 2010

TUTORIAL: taking your cards to the next level!

today, I have an idea to share for those of you who are card makers. these examples are all shown using my favorite ever stickers....SRM and Cosmo Cricket DeLovely.

i'm so in LOVE with the DeLovely chipboard. *swoooooon*
you can't help but want to make gobs of happy cards with these pieces. well, at least i couldn't!

so, I want to show you how to take your handmade cards to the next level and i'll show you how SRM stickers makes the process super simple and gives a beautiful result!

I’ve seen enough handmade cards to say that the majority of card makers abandon ship after decorating the front of their cards and they aren’t always conscientious of what pokes through the front of the card to the inside flap.

while we all agree that a handmade card is always beautiful, I have some examples today to show you how spending just 2 extra minutes can take your card from simply handmade to beautifully finished with a completely polished look both inside and out.

How? Embellish internally!

This can be done simply by repeating one portion of the design or pattern, from the front of the card, on the inside and finishing the look with a sentiment sticker as you see in these examples.

note: to get a closer look you can click on each image and it will display larger.

if you can't find SRM stickers locally, you can find everything they offer in their online store. for card making, i LOVE to reach for their sticker sentiments.

just curious, which card is your favorite? i can't decide, but i'm thinking the "i love you with all of my heart" has pretty much won me over.

do you finish your cards on the inside too? if so, i wanna see. link me up in the comments.

happy Monday!


  1. Love how you finished the insides of the cards. I don't always think to dress up the inside, but I will now. Thanks for the inspiration to do so!

    My fave cards are "sending happy thoughts" and "thank you so much."

    And, looooooooove how easy the SRM stickers are to use.

  2. I really can't decide which one I like best! They are all so ravishing! I love "sending happy thoughts", and "you're amazingly beautiful" and those two at the end are so perfect! Love everything about them - thanks for your tips!

  3. "sending happy thoughts" is my fave.

    Sometimes I have put a sticker on the inside but I really love how you have stepped it up a notch---will definately do this in the future---

  4. They are all (De)Lovely! My favorite is the "Hugs & Kisses". When I use dark cardstock I usually add a journaling tag inside - but you really take yours to the next level!

  5. Thanks for the great tutorial. I do try to put some element of the outside of my card on the inside but in a much more simple way then you do. The inside of your cards are fantastic. I better kick it up a notch after today lol.
    I just can't pick a favorite of what you've shown us today. I love them all.

  6. "just a note" ... i stinkin' LOVE it!

  7. Hi, Tania!
    Your art is very very beautiful!!!
    I'm happy today Ü

  8. Tania, Your cards look so lovely it almost makes me want to make cards. (For some reason, I don't really like making cards.) They all look amazing and it's such a good idea to decorate the inside.


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