Tuesday, June 01, 2010

watch out, mama's got a new obsession.

none of the walls in my house are safe because soon enough i will have left my mark on at least one wall in every room. you could say, i've been having a little too much fun with a Silhouette machine that was gifted to me and the one little test sheet of vinyl that came with it.

can i just say....vinyl wall art is so addicting! the first time my step-brother Greg walked into my house he said "your house looks like a scrapbook page" and we all laughed. but, now i'll give him that. with personalized vinyl art the walls in my house really do look like a scrapbook page. and i LOVE it! crooked pictures and all. hee.

and you can see that i still haven't changed the pictures from when i first put them up---except for the one that's in color. i'm still deciding on whether to go all color or stay with black and white. anywho.....rabbit trail.

so the livingroom, bathroom and man cave have been attacked & just as soon as i think of the perfect word/phrase, i'll be adding it to this hallway wall--the first thing we see as we exit the bathroom. any suggestions? i used to have a framed silhouette of Spidergirl leaning against the wall but have since moved it to my bedroom.

the possibilities are endless..........if only the supply of vinyl was too. hrmph!


  1. so if i were going to purchase a letter-cutting-embellishment-making tool - would you recommend the silhouette over other tools???

  2. andrea...that's a great question. i haven't used any of the other ELECTRONIC cutting tools. i do own a cuttlebug. it's an inexpensive die-cut & embossing machine, but you have to purchase the die's and/or the embossing folders to use with it. the machine itself is $80 but i got mine with a 50% off coupon. i use mine mainly to emboss.

    i think the silhouette is much cheaper than the cricut, but i honestly am not qualified to do a comparision post because i've only seen the cricut in use one time. it looked to me to have a big learning curve, but again, i was just observing and not actually using it myself. i can tell you that the silhouette you can download individual images to use at 99cents or less, whereas the cricut you have to buy expensive cartridges to go with it. the silhouette can also cut any true type font and you can download hundreds and hundreds of those for free at dafont.com.

    i'm sorry i'm not experienced enough with the other tools to give you an honest opinion. i can say that i haven't been disappoined with the silhouette at all. loooove it.

  3. I love all the vinyl! I really don't have a suggestion for the last wall...but maybe a small quote or statement..

  4. Of course I can only come up with a funny one - "Did you wash your hands?"

    :D I want a silhouette, too! I am with you on the no cartridge thing - it's so much cheaper in the long run!

  5. Your blog is always so much fun! ya never know what you are gonna find here! I love it!!! do you remember what font you used for "established" ?


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