Friday, August 13, 2010

[wondramous]ly happy!

now, *this* is what i call happy mail!

i came home monday to the most wonderful mail day ever! i had a package from my sweet friend Sherry, the creative genius behind [wondramous], a surprise package from the fabulous Debbie Hodge, new SRM Stickers, and two kits from The Story Matters!

is that an awesome mail day or what!?

sherry is such a sweetheart. she sent me this package for my birthday. ummm, yeah, on july 31, yours truly turned 33! we won't talk about how i feel twice my age...seriously.

anywho. back to the package. so, she sent me this adorably addressed package that would make anyone feel special. but then, what was inside made me feel like i hit the lottery!and everything inside is so perfectly me. i mean, SO perfectly *me*.

first thing i saw was the "dream big" piece and my eyes seriously welled up with tears. sherry and i have known each other for years and i've always said "dream BIG, and when those dreams come true dream BIGGER."

then, she had to blow me out of the ballpark with this GORGEOUS necklace that screams Tania to the max. i was adorably wrapped up in that bright yellow tissue which made it even more fun to open.

i'm smitten! she made it.......yes,! she's so incredibly talented and i'm SO excited for her that she's finally decided to sell her jewelry pieces in her very own etsy shop called [wondramous]. :) lucky for you too.

and if that wasn't already enough, i open another surprise package from her [wondramous] shop to find this inside....

i feel SO completely spoiled. :)

i shared how smitten i was with this necklace from the [wondramous] shop not too long ago on my facebook page with full intention to go home and purchase it.

but before i could even get to it, someone else had purchased it.

oh mercy. you should have seen my email to sherry the next day. LOL. i was freaking out that the adorable necklace that i had my heart set on had been snatched up by someone else. i seriously got over myself in a snap and got on with the real celebrating with sherry on her first etsy sale. woooohooooooo!

sherry, sweet thing that she is, assured me that she could put another similar one together for me sometime. i decided i'd just fall in love with something else instead. like this one.

but then...............guess what was inside that pretty pink tissue? yeppers, THE necklace!

sneaky little goobers. debbie purchased it for *me* and sherry knew all along.

i'm such a lucky girl! both of these ladies have been HUGE, huge blessings in my life.

thank you, both, for making me feel so special (and look so pretty)!

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