Friday, September 17, 2010

$15 - Scrapbooking with Fabric TODAY ONLY!

there is a $5 discount on Scrapbooking with Fabric--one of the e-books in my Beautifully Handmade series.

the discount brings it down to $15 from the usual $20 price.

FIFTEEN dollars! seriously, a steal.

grab it while you can right here! you have until NOON Eastern Time Saturday, Sept 18th.
every Friday, Get It Scrapped! will be offering five classes at $5 off for 24 hours. Whatever the sales price is that you see on the class sales page will be decreased by $5 when you put the class in your cart—you’ll see the discount instantly. You may purchase as many of these discounted classes as you like and combine with other coupons. I’ll turn the sale off tomorrow at noon and start a new one next Friday.
The following classes are available at a $5 discount from now until noon ET Saturday:
Masterful Scrapbook Design (self-paced including forum support with Dina Wakley) $65 / $60
Still More Mad Digital Skillz (self-paced including forum support with Pattie Knox) $35/ $30
Scrapbooking with Fabric (self-paced with Tania Willis--that's ME!) $20 / $15
Get It Stamped 101 (workshop starting 9/21 with Sharyn Tormanen) $30/ $25
Be Real (self-paced by Debbie Hodge) $18 / $13 :)

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