Wednesday, September 15, 2010

creep a little sneak peek....

raise of many of you are now singing 'California Girls'? LOL. it's cool. it's cool.

i have a whole lot of randomness for you today:
  • first's peek day for next month's The Story Matters kit:

  • i just got my kit, so i haven't had a spare moment to create something to tease your senses yet. soon. very soon. and you'll see it right here on the blog. :) in the meantime you can catch some peeks on their blog.
  • my ashlyn is turning into quite the comic. i've found myself laughing at nearly everything she says lately. and i have the funniest story to share too. but that deserves it's own post.
  • Little Yellow Bicycle is having a Boo-ville Contest. first prize is $250 in Little Yellow Bicycle products! wowza! YOU should enter! get all the details here.
  • spidergirl made it a whole 9 days into the school year before having to call in sick. that's a record for her, LOL. she came down with the pukes thursday night. :( she was crying because she couldn't go to school friday.
  • she is also having more problems with her ears. dang it. she's now on antibiotics again, and ear drops. one of her tubes is plugged. last time this happened she had to have surgery. we're crossing fingers, toes, & eyes (LOL!) that this will clear up on it's own since she just had this set put in in March of this year.
  • ashlyn has decided to run for student council. i'm quite interested to see how this is going to turn out considering her social awkwardness. so thankful that she doesn't let her limitations stop her from anything. always believing in possibility.
  • spidergirl has a new best friend. his name is john.
  • wishing i could shelter her from mean kids since she's also now decided that she can't wear anything at all with spiderman on it. reason being....they make fun of her because she's a girl who isn't supposed to like spiderman. *sigh* she's way too impressionable right now.
  • oh, i got a new goes like this "knock, knock" who's there? "owls" owls who? "yes, yes they do." hahhahaaaa. that one's courtesy of spidergirl.
  • ashlyn's new favorite phrase......"aw, i'm just pullin' your peach." (another way of saying "i'm just kidding.") thank you iCarly.
  • i'm SO lucky i have kids that love going to school. in fact the other day, i went down to do something in my studio and noticed ashlyn had abandoned a Word document that was a letter to her principal. she was telling him that she wanted to be a principal when she grows up because they are so lucky they get to go to school through the summer. LOL. how cute is that!?
  • we had a party here over the weekend, Buckeye game/Suzi's birthday, and had a helium tank on loan to us. doug sucking helium and singing = hysterical!
  • and, that's all i've got for today, folks. gotta save the rest of my energy for my workout tonight. for reals.

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