Tuesday, September 28, 2010


meet mr. owl. he's my most recent home decor addition. isn't he so cute & quirky!? he's so perfectly ME! i purchased him from Oliver Brotzge Studios, an artist friend of mine. he makes the most amazing pieces of art out of dense foam that he concretes, paints, then applies sealant.

when i saw this owl, i told him i thought people would go crazy over them. so he listed just a few in his etsy shop. he's seriously, the most talented artist i've ever seen.

in other news, it's feeling like a random kind of day.

so, here goes it....

home: with the weather changing quickly, i'm starting to feel the walls closing in already. there's just too much stuff in this little house of mine. i'm trying to purge through things without getting overwhelmed. that's easier said than done. does anyone else start feeling this way once fall hits?

the playroom needs a major overhaul. trying to decide what should stay and what should go is daunting. i'm thinking putting half of it away in storage might be the best for now. there have been several times when we donate something, only to buy it again (secondhand) because the girls fell in love with it all over again. *sigh*

the girls: they are at the age where the oldest is growing out of all the 'pretend' play toys and picture books but not yet growing into the pre-teen stuff. just stuck in the middle. i've tried interesting her in some 'new to her' crafts, like latch-hook and stitching, but it's a no go. all she wants is to turn the playroom into a schoolroom. so she can boss teach spidergirl all she needs to know.

the youngest has a growing interest in learning to read and wanting to play barbies, and all-around just annoying the crap out of the oldest. this parenting stuff & keeping everyone happy at the same time is hard work! LOL.

workouts: for an ENTIRE WEEK, i had very minimal pain--i felt great! the first two days, i didn't sleep because it just felt so weird to be almost pain-free. i'll take no sleep over pain anyday. that all went down the drain saturday though. you're probably guessing.........the pain is back. i guess i overdid it during my workout saturday.

last night was my worst performance ever at my workout. i walked slower than molasses. seriously. sloooooooooow. no faster than 1.8 miles hour. i made it 1.6 miles in 50 minutes. nothing extra. no weights, no squats, no inclines above 2.0. but, hey....i still went. that counts for something, right?

so now, feel great or not, i won't be doing inclines over 5.0.

medical: pain? yep. vision blurred & double? occassionally. headaches? gone. new symptoms? yep. i see the neurologist in the morning.

blogging: my dashboard tells me i have 912 posts on this blog. WOW, that's a whole lot of talking. but, 36 of them are drafts. LOL. trying to decide which one to finish first is a wee bit overwhelming for me. with titles like these, which one would you pick?

"three things"
"happiness stealers"
"letters i'll never send"
"mmmm. sweet candy for my creative soul"
"did i ever tell you...."
"guess who says that"
"i want this kitchen"
"she's gonna be a shoe designer"
"our sensory journey"

my husband: as a tiki. wicked cool, right!? another piece of art by mr. oliver brotzge. i told you he was talented.


  1. I love that owl. He has personality.
    Sorry to hear that your pain returned.

  2. Letters I'll never send----
    That one has my curiosity cranked WAY up!!!!!!!!


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