Thursday, November 18, 2010

dear blog readers.....

i'm so thankful for each of you that come visit here day in and day out, and your opinion matters to me.

i'm not sure what brings each person this way, but i have a feeling a good majority of you are here for scrapbooking inspiration rather than reading about the antics of my spunky kiddos (and my chronic pain).

and, well, i'm starting to set scrapbooking goals and make a list of tutorials and things to share here on the blog in the upcoming year (yes, i'm a total nutcase) and i thought it'd be cool to ask you to share your thoughts & opinions on what you'd like to see here in this space.

so.....hit me with your best shot awayyyyyyyyyyyy. :)

just add your thoughts, ideas & questions to the comments here and i'll see what i can do to accomodate.

please, and thank you.


  1. all of your projects are always supercute! Thank you so much for taking the time to plan things out for us here...currently, I'm addicted to mini ablbums so I would love to see all sorts of minis here! And I've enjoyed the tutorials you've done too- so please keep those in the starting line up! Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

  2. hi Nitasha! thanks for your input! i'm jotting down 'mini-albums' now. i do love them bunches and have several posted to the blog. i'm thinking i need to go back through and label them as their own category. :) i think i will....soon.

  3. I like your blog just the way it is. Yes, I enjoy the scrapbook stuff (which is how I found your blog)but I also like reading about you and your family.
    If something could be added it would be videos---I'm not a tutorial freak--I'd rather see a video. They don't have to be over informational--just the basics.
    Thanks and look forward to spending more time on your blog.

    Hope you have a super great weekend!

  4. thank you sweet vicki! i love that you consistently stop in to visit. :)

    i hear ya loud and clear! i loved doing the last one, and.......

    i already have a video in the works for december. :)

  5. I stop by almost everyday. I love the "real life" of your blog.

    I also deal with chronic pain and illness, so it is refreshing to also hear from someone who is dealing with some of the same things as I am, and not feel like it is all in my head.

    To me, all of your scrapbooking and projects are just an added bonus thrown in with hearing a "friends" trials and tribulations. I wouldn't change a thing, but if you do, please keep some personal in it, too.

  6. hi danielle! thanks for stopping in daily and i'm sorry to hear you're in pain too. :(

    i do not intend for this to turn into a scrapbooking only fact my intent never was to share much scrapbooking on here at all. but, it's kinda morphed into a healthy mix of scrapbooking and personal. and i'm okay with that.

    so, no worries. personal sharing will abound, LOL.

  7. Hi Tania,
    I usually stop in every day or so and I love hearing about your life. I am not crazy to hear about your pain because I feel so bad for you because I can feel your pain. This is the life that we live with daily. Gee, I didn't express myself well..don't stop talking about your pain, vent it out, let us know so we can encourage you or pray for you.

    I love how you mix things up and the examples that you give. Girl, you have such talent!!

    I would love to have tips on how to do an 8x8 album like one for a baby...but you/I have no pictures to put do you set up the page. I got the color combo but I am so uncomfortable in how to put a mat down for their pic..will they have a vertical or horizontal picture?

    Thanks for asking.

  8. hi martha! i know you visit (and comment) often.....thank you. you're so sweet.

    i'm sure i'll talk about the pain again....sometime, anyway. not often. it's been rough lately, but i've kept quiet.

    anywho. i'm hearing you on the album thing. and ironically, we just had a new addition to the extended family---a baby girl. so i have a good excuse to make an mini with no photos. :)

    my suggestion would be to make all the mats square. then they can crop (or cut) their photos square, regardless of whether it was horizontal or vertical in orientation.

    since most photos are 4x6, making a 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 mat would help solve that dilemna, i think.

    i'll be sure to share here when i get mine done. :)

  9. Thanks Tania,for the suggestion. I had left the mats the size of 4x6 pics and any title/labels was put on in such a way that they can turn the page any way they wish and it would work with vertical or horizontal pics. I am still uncomfortable with this set up. I just wish I could see their finish product.
    I am so sorry that you are in pain. When a cold front is coming through to us, that really gets the pain level up to uncontrollable pain and I can predict within 10 minutes when we will be getting snow...much better than our local weatherman. I hope this week will be a whole lot less pain for you and your daughters will be fine. Thanks goodness for great husbands!!


thank you for taking time to leave me a comment! i will do my best to leave comments answering any questions you may ask :)


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