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TUTORIAL: Treat Boxes (featuring Marvy + SRM + Little Yellow Bicycle)

Marvy Uchida has teamed up with the designers at SRM to bring you a day of creative bliss featuring their delightful tool, the Paper Trimming Buddy.

have you heard of it?

since receiving the Paper Trimming Buddy from Marvy, i've fallen head over heels in love with it. it is truly an all-in-one system and a tool I'm thrilled to use on a daily basis.

the trimmer comes with a straight blade, but has the capability to house interchangeable deco-edge blades (sold seperately). lucky for me, they sent me each of those blades to try out too! changing them out is so easy, i could do it with my eyes closed.

click to see image larger

with two young girls who love to craft with me, the built-in safety features, noticeable when changing blades, is what makes me love this trimmer even more. no longer do I have to hold my breath worrying over whether or not the girls will chop off a finger with my guillotine trimmer.

so long huge pile of deco edge scissors, that frustrate my kindergartner to no end, hello Paper Trimming Buddy.....I think I love you.

i love you so much that i've decided to share a tutorial in honor of you. :)

i'm going to walk you step-by-step through the process of creating this treat box! using some of my favorite products.....Marvy + SRM + Little Yellow Bicycle. delightful, yes?

take a peek from every angle first, would ya? :)

before we start, i wanted to point out that this tutorial features another amazing product from Marvy called the Clever Lever Quick Borders Craft Punch with the Heart Scallop Cartridge. it's that lovely light blue scallop you see along the edge of the lid.

this tool also uses interchangeable cartridges. love it! less bulk, needing less storage space than traditional border punches.

the SRM team put together a feature using this tool yesterday. check it out on the SRM blog and give yourself a shot at winning this amazing tool! there are THREE of them up for grabs! what are you waiting on over! but don't forget to make your way back here for the tutorial at the end of this post. :)

while you're there, make sure to check out today's post've guessed it, they're giving away the Paper Trimming Buddy too! fingers crossed for you!

okay, now onto the tutorial.


**to see more detail on the images, please click on the image to open them larger in a new window**

Creating the base:

1. Cut two of your cardstock down to 12" x 10".

2. Using the scoring blade, score BOTH pieces as follows:
Along the 12" side, score at 3" and 9".
Along the 10" side score at 3" and 7".

3. Fold along all score-lines.

4. On ONE of the pieces, cut out all 4 corners, as shown below.

5. Cover the entire lower flap with adhesive and fold upward adhering it to the center rectangle. Write a letter "A" in pencil on the middle center flap. Set this piece aside.
6. On the OTHER 12" x 10" scored piece, cut out the top two corners and the bottom two corners leave approximately a 1/2" strip to the left and right of the bottom section as shown.

7. Cut those 1/2" flaps loose along the top edge (between the middle and lower sections). Fold the 1/2" flaps inward toward the large lower rectangle and place adhesive on the back of both of them. Fold the large lower rectangle at a 90" angle to the middle rectangle and adhere the 1/2" flaps to the bottom edge of the outer middle section flaps. (see illustration) This will herein be referred to as Piece B.

8. These two pieces join together to become the bottom of your treat box. The two panels that are doubled become the front and back sidewalls.

9. Place Piece B on your work surface so you have a bottom, 2 narrow left & right sidewalls, and a doubled panel as the back sidewall. Cover the top of the bottom piece (large, non-doubled rectangle) with adhesive.

10. Place the non-doubled large flap from Piece A over the adhesive.

11. Adhere the side panels from Piece A to the inside side panels of Piece B. This type of construction gives you double layers on every wall of the treat box.

Creating the lid:

1. Cut your last piece of cardstock to 10 1/4" x 7 1/4". 2. Using the scoring blade, score as follows:
Along the 10 1/4" length, score at 1", 2", 8 1/4", and 9 1/4".
Along the 7 1/4", score at 1", 2", 5 1/4", and 6 1/4".

3. Fold along all score lines.

4. Cut out the corner sections as shown in the illustration below. 5. Cut the each 1" x 1" corner flap, on the horizon, toward the center rectangle (see illustration below)

6. Place adhesive along the top and bottom strips closest to the center rectangle. Fold outside top rectangle down onto adhesive. Fold outside bottom rectangle up onto adhesive. (See illustration below)

7. Do the same with the remaining two flaps, except this time fold the 1" loose flaps inward so they get sandwiched between the layers. (see illustration below)

Embellishing the lid:

1. Cut (2) 1" x 9 1/2" strips from the Mini Stripe Multi patterned paper using the straight edge blade in your Paper Trimming Buddy.

2. Change to the Scoring blade and score both strips at 3 1/4".

3. Place adhesive on the back of your strip and adhere to one long edge and one short edge. Repeat to cover remaining edges with second strip.

4. Cut (2) three-scallop sections using the Clever Lever Border Punch with Heart Scallop Cartridge. Adhere to the inside long edges of the lid.

5. Cut (2) two-scallop sections using the same punch. These 2 will need to be trimmed to fit.

Embellishing the Outside:

1. Adhere the {Happy} sticker from Quick Cards Happy to white cardstock, trim around sticker outline.

2. Adhere the blue "happy" sticker from Express Yourself Birthday to white cardstock, trim around sticker outline.

3. Adhere "Sweet Times Ahead" sticker from Fresh Verse Cardstock Sticker pack to the lower left corner.

4. Layer happy stickers above "Sweet Times Ahead" sticker.

5. Add Flower Button Dot, Cupcake Chipboard sticker and Cupcake Dimensional sticker.

6. Place cupcakes inside and tie closed with large bow.

7. Adhere "it's your special day" sticker from Quick Cards Happy to white cardstock, trim around sticker outline. Punch small hole (or poke pushpin) through top upper left corner of sticker.

8. Thread baker's twine through hole and tie as a 'charm' to large bow.

Now it's time to make a special delivery!

speaking of special deliveries.........our family welcomed a beautiful baby girl Wednesday afternoon. i'm an auntie to a beautiful niece, Claire Elizabeth!!

she joined the world on wednesday, november 10th at 3:20pm weighing 8lbs., 8ozs and 21" long with gorgeous thick dark hair.

my sister-in-law kristin & step-brother greg are the proud mama & papa.

my girls filled the treat box with yummy cupcakes (with Christmas tree sprinkles, LOL) and i delivered them to the hospital yesterday and snuck in some snuggle time with my precious neice. awwwwwww.

anywho. please leave notes in the comments if something about the tutorial is confusing. i'll try to answer promptly. :)


(wow. this must have been the longest post in my blog history. thanks for sticking it out to the end. the cute newborn pictures made it totally worth it, am i right?!)


  1. She is beautiful! What a cutie pie! Almost makes me want a baby again ... errr... not really. Three boys is enough, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to snuggle with this little girl!

  2. How cute is she!! Grandmom here would love to snuggle up with this sweet little one. Enjoy her now, as you know they grow up so fast!!


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