Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Story Matters: March 2011 Sneak

so, about that celebrating.....

things here have been a little bit overwhelming---running back and forth to more doctors, the hospital and working extended hours to make up days that i missed.

all that leaving me little to no time to blog. :(

so, as soon as i can get my act together, i'll have lots of awesomeness to share with you--including giveaways, another coupon code for a non scrappy related online store, and another free tutorial.

please hang tight. sorry to keep you hanging. :(

in the meantime, feast your eyes upon the sneak peek of The Story Matters March kit........
i only have this picture to share with you and no layout peeks......yet.

told ya it's been crazy. i haven't been in my studio to create anything in 2 weeks. i'm missing it, big time.

if you would think good thoughts for my oldest (and me, LOL) tomorrow. she has a dental procedure and she's been worked up over it for weeks. anxiety + sensory issues + the dentist = nightmare.


  1. I am so sorry about the anxiety about the dentist. I hope you have some med that can calm her down so it won't be so bad for her and for you. Will be thinking about you.{{HUGS}}

  2. Two weeks!? I would be in a straight jacket by now. lol... I will keep y'all in my thoughts for tomorrow. Good luck!

  3. I will be sending up prayers for you both.


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