Sunday, February 06, 2011

true story from the archives...

i came across this video posted on facebook and it reminded me of a story i don't think i've ever documented anywhere. not here on the blog....not even in my scrapbooks. *gasp*

that surprised me, because it was such a big part of the toddler/preschool years here at our house. i'll have to fix that, right quick, now won't i?

take a watch.......then you'll understand why it tickled my synapses to recall the scenario.

so awesome, right?

you see, when the girls were toddlers/preschool age, we were knee deep in princess attire.....frilly dresses, fancy gloves, gobs upon gobs of marti gras beaded necklaces, tiaras and princess wands. we still kinda are, actually. except now they're mixed in with spiderman costumes and scary dragons, LOL.

i can't quite remember how it started, but i know it was the mister who started it (he's always the fun parent!), but somehow ashlyn came to believe that her princess wand was magical and had a magical power.

here she is with spidergirl, August of 2006, giving her an earful about how the wand has magic powers and telling her how all she has to do is close her eyes real tight, point the wand at the tv and say "magic, magic, turn the tv on!" and if you wish hard enough it will be magic and turn on.

(when really, daddy has the remote and it following her command making her believe that her wand really did have magical powers. he's so awesome like that.)

there's only one problem with that magic wand. darn thing doesn't work when daddy's not around. LOL. hrmph.

this led to many meltdowns when she discovered over and over again that her magical powers had been exhausted.

the mister saved her despair by explaining that the wand only works when you've been a really, really good girl on her best behavior.....and only daddy could be the judge of that.

somehow that magic wand got misplaced. (maybe on purpose, LOL)

but a new wand was gifted to them during some holiday or birthday and the tradition was re-born....this time in April 2009. spidergirl remembered and decided to give 'er a whirl.

well, i'll be..........the magic was transferred to this one too.

i don't think they ever did figure out where the magic really came from. :) true story.

creative parenting is such an awesome experience, isn't it?


  1. AWWWW - I definitely love moments like these.

  2. I love the magic wand story! You really must do a layout about it. It not only tells a story of sweet little girls but of a great daddy too.


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