Friday, March 11, 2011

a little something fun to welcome spring...

my girls came home with these adorable handmade birdfeeders after school one day last week. they hopped out of the car and promptly begged to hang them on the tree to coax the few birds that returned for spring into our yard.

then they both started chattering a mile a minute trying to tell me all about the process for making them.

•Pieces of bread (any kind)
•Birdseed/Sunflower Seeds
•Two bowls
•Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter (optional)
•Ribbon, String or Yarn
•A warm place or sunny window sill
•Some waxed paper

1. Crack two eggs into one bowl and stir with fork.
2. Bird seed into second bowl.
3. Cut bread into desired shaped with cookie cutter.
4. Dip bread into eggs, coating both sides. Don’t let bread soak up eggs and fall apart.
5. Dip into birdseed bowl, pressing down gently so seeds stick.
6. Put bread on waxed paper and poke hole 1/2" from edge with straw.
7. Allow to air-dry in warm place. (they said this took 2 could probably speed it up in a low temp 200 degrees for an hour)
8. Once dry, tie ribbon through hole to hang.
9. Hang and watch birds enjoy!

it's the simplest things that excite them the most. :)


  1. Hey, same here! And this simple thing got me most excited, I can't wait to do this with my kiddies this weekend :-)

  2. They look so cute! You can see their excitement on their faces. I hope they get to actually see birds eating from them.

  3. I don't know if you live in an area with pine cones but I save large pine cones for the preschool where I used to work for them to do the same thing with. The kids always love it & would come back to school with tales of the birds that were eating at their feeder.

  4. sounds like fun and so simple to do, thanks for sharing...have you seen any birds eating from them yet?

  5. martha, sadly, we didn't. :( they are completely consumed though. :) that was good enough for them.

    tona.....they've done those pinecone before in summer camp, using peanut butter to make the seed stick. those are a little trick to hang sometimes. but still fun to put together.


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