Thursday, April 07, 2011

so, how's about a photo share...

so, i'm having a little fight with youtube at the moment, so how about i share some random photos while we wait for those technical upload glitches to get worked out?

these are random things i've found on my phone or camera as of late....

rainbows in the sky....

and on the ground....(artwork by ashlyn)

this one was a surprise sent via texting. ashlyn was sleeping over with a friend, i was invited out with some girlfriends, so daddy was stuck with spidergirl. they went on a little date and sent me this photo from their dinner table. i was laughing so hard i almost peed my pants.

then about an hour later i got this picture. hahahahaa.

and i'm not sure if i mentioned it for the grandparents yet, but spidergirl can read books all by herself now! she's super proud and her favorite is Hop on Pop. it makes waiting for the doctor pass much more quickly now.

on her table.....(spidergirl's mess)

on my table.....

and the results on her thumbprint art.... (you saw my finished layout yesterday)

ashlyn look way too grown up. i'm guessing that spidergirl took this photo for her.

sidewalk chalk by spidergirl.

littest pet shops eveeeeeeeeeerywhere throughout my house. i find them in the cabinets, in the pantry, the bathroom, my studio.

they've never really played with barbies, but they'll play with pet shops for hours.

doug's truck being towed away. it's a long story that i didn't share on the blog. just another thing we were dealing with in the midst of all the other chaos. long story short, his tie rod broke, blew the values and ruined the engine. $1800 to fix. so we junked it instead. after we paid $287 for them to tell us what was wrong with it. and $75 to renew the tags just the week prior. and $16 to get a title that still had a bank lein on it even though it was paid off 3 years ago....only after going round and round with the bank for 21 days. oy. a nightmare i'm glad is over. but doug's sad his truck is gone.

a message emma left on the wall of remembrance at Lifeline of Ohio for her big grammy...

and a little sneak peek at what's to come with this video tutorial..... :) thanks for your patience (because i think mine is running out, LOL.)happy thursday!!!

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