Saturday, May 07, 2011

date night with spidergirl...

spidergirl is at such an irresistibly adorable stage.....but also an extra sensitive one too. so when ash got invited to a friend's house for a sleep over during spring break, spidergirl felt left out. i sent the mister out with his friends for the night, and took spidergirl on a date.

wherever she wanted to go! can you guess what she picked??? oh yeah, baby! she wanted to go to United Skates of America. :) and that, we did.

it surprised me to no end when i gave her several choices and she picked roller skating, because she's never been before. but, hey, i'm always game for new experiences. spidergirl welcomes them, while ash tends to introvert and avoid. so different, those two.

it's been years. i mean, yeeeeeeeeears, since i've been in a roller skating facility. but not much has changed about them. still dark, hot, and skeevy. eeeeeew. maybe i'm too much of a germaphobe, but my skin was crawling the whole time. hahahaha.

anywho, we got her laced up and ready to roll and then she clung to me for life, LOL. thankfully, our local rink allows parents to walk on the rink with tennis shoes to help young skaters stay safe.

but, after about 5 minutes of her tugging and pulling and falling and nearly bringing me down, we opted to purchase a Skate Buddy for her. i so, wish i would have gotten video of her and this contraption that is meant to help first-timers get the hang of it. because it was downright hilarious.

in the first 5 minutes, she tripped and fumbled over this thing at least a half dozen times and then it was no longer funny and downright scary. i kept having visions of a broken arm and started to have regrets for allowing my baby to go skating.

after a few deep cleansing breaths, i told myself it would be okay........and it was.

never once did she cry, or get upset that she just couldn't get the hang of it. she just stood up and kept on trying. over and over and over.

i learned a lot from watching her skate.

it didn't take her long to take off and keep those wheels hot from rolling. :) after about 30 minutes she was shooing me away, telling me to go have a seat and watch her make the laps.

she practically had the whole rink to herself, which made it so much more enjoyable being her first time and all.

this, though, is the *real* reason she chose skating over all the other choices. Spongebob is her absolute favorite. she was so impressed that he came out to visit her. :) i mean, look at that smile. i assure you she isn't really picking his nose----she was holding on for dear life, LOL.

after meeting spongebob, she got brave and ditched the Skate Buddy! every time she'd come around another lap, she'd stop, take a sip of her drink and say "look mom! no hands!" then take off again.
of course, she couldn't resist the games. this girl is addicted to gaming. shootin' hoops.....with skates on. now that's talent.

and a date is not a date with spidergirl unless it involves an Icee. i've been known to travel across town just to find a blue rasberry icee for this kiddo. another addiction of hers.

towards the end, she realized since she could skate without the skate buddy, that using it again would make her go even faster. pictures from here on out were pretty much nothing but a blur.

see what i mean??? that blur in the middle is spidergirl, LOL.

oh how i wish i could keep her this age forever! i love that girl something fierce. :)

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