Saturday, May 14, 2011

i challenge you too.

yesterday, one of my most favorite people challenged me to a 30 day photo challenge she found via Pinterest.

who wants to play along with us?

i'll be doing one per day for 30 days, but i haven't decided yet how i'll post these....daily? a week's worth on saturday mornings? hmmmmm.

either way.

leave me a post in the comments to let me know if you're playing along. :)


  1. Yippee, I can't wait. I've already plotted my first photo while we're at the park today. And, I think the hubs is gonna play along, too, which means we'll be fighting over who gets the camera. Ha. I'm going to pack the small digital in my purse in case I'm inspired along the way to and from work each day. Will be fun to see everyone's photos.

  2. I'll play! I already do a photo a day group on flickr so I can incorporate these great ideas with that. I'll have to Google for a tutorial on how to do light trails.

  3. sounds interesting...I would love to and since I don't finish what I start...maybe this will be the push that I need.


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