Monday, June 13, 2011

30 day photo challenge: days 8-11

day 8: bad habit. i have this irresistible urge to buy cute stationery---that never gets used---but not because i don't have good intentions. i used to pride myself in the fact that i was quite prompt about writing thank you notes and using my free-time to drop someone a note to make them smile. but, now that i'm a busy mom all my 'thank yous' are done verbally by phone or through a quick email message. but, i still feel the pull towards wanting to sit down and write notes. as you can see, i've collection quite the stash of blank note cards....most of them found in packs of 8 or 10 for $1. so while it isn't a huge investment, it's still, at this point, wasted money. i just recently sat down and wrote 13 different staff members at the elementary school personalized thank you notes for various ways they've impacted my daughters life and i can say that the thrill of using kind words and a small amount of time is something that never gets old. happy mail, kind words and thankfulness are things that people remember for years to come. i hope next month i can say that it's no longer a bad i hope to dig into this stash and spread more happy. :)

day 9: someone you love. her and i go round and round. and i'm certain that all my grey hairs are from her alone, LOL. BUT, i love her. i love her quirky personality. i love her stinky morning breath. i love her sensitive heart. i love her ability to make friends easily. i love watching her exercise her creativity. i love that tiny little freckle on her chin. i love seeing glimpses of me in her. i love seeing her stretch her confidence. i love that i'm her safe place to fall. i just love her. and, well, this picture kinda tells you how she feels about me most of the time. LOL.

day 10: childhood memory. as a child i remember sitting down with a quart-sized jar of grandma's home-canned dill pickles and being able to polish them off in one sitting. i loooooooooove dill pickles. my dad introduced me to this concoction and it quickly replaced PB&J and became a staple in my childhood diet. not quite sure who turned him onto it. i'll have to ask him. i assure you that it's not as disgusting as you might think. so, don't knock it until you try it my friends. it's quite delicious.

day 11: something blue. i had a single globe in my possession---given to me by my grandma. but now have two since i picked this one up for $1 while at a garage sale last weekend. globes make me ridiculously happy--i think it's the colors on them. i'm collecting various sizes to display together as a decorative item on top of a shelf, kind like shown in this photo: BHG Globes.


  1. I love journals the way you love stationary. BTW, I used to be a teacher before having kids and I want you to know those handwritten notes mean everything. I still have some of them that made an impact. Just love your blog...gonna try a pb and pickle sandwich today! :)

  2. Okay ... I love dill pickles (my mom used to make some homemade sour pickles that ... oh, man my mouth is watering NOW!). And ever since my second pregnancy I can NOT GET ENOUGH PB. So, yeah, I will gross my kids out and try it! LOL.
    Of course my preferred companion to PB is ... chocolate!

  3. My sweet friend, you know I love you dearly, but I just cannot wrap my noggin around peanut butter and dill pickles. Ew. Maybe it is because I'm not a big peanut butter fan anyways.

    I'm guilty of the card situation. We will do better.

  4. jill: i'm addicted to journals too. but i've been good at resisting the urge to buy them. let me know what you think of the PB&P.

    melanie: i fully expect you to report back too. :)

    sherry: i'm not a huge fan of peanut butter either.......and i will confess, that after making the sandwich and taking the photo, i promptly threw it away. :( now that i'm older, it's something i have to have a hankering for before i can eat it. it never fails though---it's delicious every time. just wasn't in the mood for it that day, i suppose.

    i hereby challenge you to write in one card before the end of the month and mail it out. :)

  5. Someone else who likes Peanut Butter and Pickles. I used to eat that all of the time as a kid. And yes, I also miss my Grandmother's homemade pickles, along with many other foods that she made.
    Good luck on the go around with the daughter. Mine are now 17 and 11 and while a Love them both very much, the teenage attitude is just a little too much. I teach high school so you would think that I would know what to do with them.
    Have a good day.


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