Wednesday, June 22, 2011

willis, party of 4: April 2011 edition

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack! kinda.

i couldn't wait another day to share these photos that were taken nearly 2 months ago, on April 30, 2011. we took them here locally at a park we like to visit a few times a year called Inniswood Metro Gardens. yes, i realize that was TWO MONTHS ago.

i'm trying not to panic over the fact that i'm perpetually behind in nearly everything right now---especially blogging and documenting stories. eeeeeeeks.

i think i've resigned myself to just hitting the major happenings---these photos, the circus experience, and school accomplishments--then dumping a bunch of random into one post, because i also have a deadline list with over a dozen things listed on it needing completed in the next week and a half. soooooo not complaining though. i loooove what i get to do. it's just a busy time. :)

anywho. it's quite fun looking back through the photos i've taken the last two months. helps me to remember that there were many peeks of sunshine through all the rain. both literally and figuratively. it's been a rough few months. i'll leave it at that, for now.

anywho..........onto the happy snaps of my sweet little family right now.

next up i have another video & tutorial, then pictures from the circus we went to........yep, you guessed it...........almost TWO MONTHS ago. hahaaa.


  1. I love-love-love all of the family pictures! You have such a gorgeous family! OK...I have a question that I've been dying to ask you. Your girls always have such lovely, smooth hair in photos. Lil will not let me brush her hair (due to the sensory disorder). How do you do it???

  2. Great photos of your beautiful family! I so love the boots!

  3. shel, i completely know your pain.

    this has been our solution:
    1. a small amount of conditioner in the hair every night.
    2. towel dry and brush the hair after baths/shower....even better if you can brush and blow it dry---this almost eliminates all morning tangles.
    3. they aren't always cooperative with a blowdryer, so, i just let them be for a while after their bath so it can air dry and then brush it before it dries completely.
    4. brushing straight out of the bath or pool is a nightmare---the hair is too wet and hurts more to be brushed when it's that wet.
    5. the right hairbrush.
    6. detangler spray for the mornings. (i buy the one from the dollar tree)

    we have two hairbrushes for them, but they prefer one over the other. the key is to get a soft touch one, pincushion style with both porcupine and boar bristles.

    we have one that's just porcupine bristles and they don't like that one as well.

    the two we have are:
    1. Revlon Soft Touch Oval Porcupine/Boar Bristles (we found ours at walmart for $7)

    2. Conair Tourmaline Gel Grip (Porcupine only bristles) (we found ours at the grocery store for $6)

    a few more tips:
    1. if your kids swim often in chlorinated water, use a baking soda wash once or twice a week instead of a normal shampoo. i dump a handful of baking soda in my hand and add just enough shampoo to make it into a paste. scrub it into their head/hair and let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing. skip the conditioner. this will strip the chemicals and also soften the hair.

    2. when brushing, seperate the hair into two sections, top and bottom. brush the tangles from the underneath layer, then brush the top layer.

    3. when the "ouch that hurts" starts coming from her mouth, hand her the hairbrush and let her do it herself. sometimes its more of a "she feels out of control" so there's issues rather than it's really causing intolerable pain.

    4. never use a round brush. those are horrid, in my experience. i use one, but kid hair is too fine for them and just become a tangled mess.

    hope some of that helped. :)


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