Thursday, July 14, 2011

Video & Tutorial: Little Yellow Bicycle Sweet Summertime

hello sweet friends! thank you for checking in here even though i haven't been able to find time in my schedule to blog daily. i'll find my new normal soon and get in the groove again.

here's a little something i put together recently for Little Yellow Bicycle with the Sweet Summertime collection that might tickle your fancy.

it's a super simple layout that looks way more complicated than it really is. the layout was constructed using envelopes from the envelope album kit, along with the yellow '10 things i love about summer' pocket. i added in some chipboard, stickers, and a small amount of ribbon.

i promise you this layout pretty much makes itself. :)

the envelope album kit comes with adorable printed journaling cards that slide right down inside that you can use as is, or embellish them even further. you can also use them as a template to trace around photos to cut them to the appropriate shape & size.

i think this is the perfect "summer memories" or "summer wrap-up" layout that makes it easy to involve the whole family in your memory keeping.

just dole out the journal strips that come with the '10 things i love about summer' pocket, hand them a pen or marker and in no time you'll have memories captured forever. :) i love how easy it is.

i just had to include the fireflies on one of the envelopes. spidergirl is currently obsessed with wanting to catch them, but she's easily sidetracked.

the video shows how to make a sweet little watermelon journaling card that can be tucked into the envelopes, but blogger is being a booger and keeps rotating my image. so you'll just have to watch the video &/or download the instructions to see it. my apologies.

for step by step layout instructions you can click this link: Download 10 Things I Love about Summer Layout.

and watch the video right here. :)

the steps in the video can be followed with basic supplies if you can't find the Sweet Summertime collection. ENJOY!


  1. I really like that layout Tania. Dig the envelopes and the colors. Nicely done. :)

  2. Wow, this is a gorgeous page, Tania! I love all the color!! :D


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