Friday, August 26, 2011

let's talk teacher's gifts....

do you use gifts a small notes of encouragement to help start the year off right when your student(s) return to school?

if so, give me some of your ideas, please. :)

and in return, i'll share a closer peek at what we're doing........

we're delivering some handmade card sets that the teacher can use to reward, recognize or encourage her students (or colleagues) throughout the year. for each occasion in which i'd normally give a teacher's gift, i'll just add to her supply with a few more sets of cards.

my favorite one of the bunch is this award ribbon. :) i'm kinda obsession with layering Fiskars punches and using my SRM stickers to make these ribbons. they look rather complicated, but i assure you, i made 4 of them in less than 15 minutes. :)

punch, punch, punch, punch, punch, snip, snip snip, fold and layer. easy peasy.

this particular ribbon is removable and has a pin back on it so the student can actually wear it for his/her accomplishment.

every teacher needs a supply of birthday cards! heck, they could use a whole basket of nothing but birthday cards. making them 5x7 leaves plenty of room for it to be passed around for all the classmates to sign too.

and who doesn't like a little pat on the back once in a while. i know this card looks complicated to duplicate, but i assure you it isn't. learn how by heading over to my article at

Stickers are from these SRM sets:
Sticker Sentiments - Congratulations
We've Got Your Sticker - Happy

so, hey. i wanna help you build up your supply of Fiskars products.

head on over to Fiskars and read my latest article, Teacher's Gift: Card Sets, to learn more tips and ideas on how to do quickly and efficiently.

then come back and enter your name in the comments to win one of these.......
it's the Seal of Approval Extra Large Squeeze Punch.

no jumping through hoops, no shenanigans and i'll pay shipping. but, i would like to hear any other ideas you have regarding gift giving for teachers, but it's totally not necessary for your entry. :)

just leave your name and make sure to check back or i have a way to contact you to win! Good Luck! :) i'll draw a winner monday morning.


  1. I haven't made teacher gifts in years, but you did an awesome job on your cards. I love them all, and now, I want cupcakes. :)

  2. These are amazing. Your talent blows me away. How do you find time to do this? Any tips??

  3. Loving these gifts! Great stuff. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win. I <3 Fiiskars!

  4. Tania, these are so cute and thoughtful! The teachers will love them. I usually make cute fit card holders and stick a book of stamps in them for teacher gifts. I have also made card sets for the teacher to use and some cute little candy and gum holders/tags for the teacher to hand out as good behavior rewards.

  5. My daughter enjoys lunch box notes for encouragement. I usually try to put a funny riddle on them. But actually, she'd just rather have me bring her lunch and eat with her. :)
    As for teachers' gifts, I most often bake - cookies or banana bead for the different teachers, and I've made handmade cards too (not as nice as yours!), and the postage stamps I included sort of seal the deal. Several teachers told me that they'd never received stamps as gifts before?
    Anyway - thanks for sharing your awesome cards. Love the bright colors, and I'm sure the teachers will too!

  6. Great cards! I love the badge and the colors. Perhaps a good teacher gift would be a decorated pencil holder or notebook :) Thanks for the chance to win

  7. I like them all especially the cupcake card. You are going to get the girls' teachers spoil...thats ok they deserve to be spoil for all the hard and loving work they do.


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