Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Video Tutorial: Get Your Game On

so, you're looking at this layout and you're thinking to yourself "that doesn't interest me! i don't have boys and my girls don't play sports!" i urge you to hang on just a moment and hear me out. :)

while this video is clearly a masculine baseball layout, i assure you the techniques shown in the video have nothing to do with masculinity OR baseball, LOL. so there's something to learn here that can be used on any type of layout. take a look for yourself...

here's some closeup peeks at the painting techniques i cover in the video. they are all super quick, super easy, and a great way to add a little ooooomph to your layout. i mean, so easy, even my elementary-aged kids have them mastered.

if you're interested, you may download the free step-by-step instructional sheet for this layout: Baseball Layout Instructions by Tania Willis.

but let's say, you do have boys (or girls) and they do play sports....just not baseball. well, have i got news for you!

Little Yellow Bicycle released a collection recently called Get Your Game On. it includes Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Football.

so, you're wondering how can you make this baseball layout work if your guy plays football? easy enough. just swap about the baseball themed products for the football themed ones, add a few 4x6 photos and you've got yourself a finished football layout!

how awesome is that!? of course these products also work for girls playing soccer or basketball. just use your paint to bring the team colors onto the layout using the techniques shared in the video!


  1. Love the texture this added! Will definitely have to give it a try! Btw, I love your nails! :)

  2. Oh Tania!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!
    My son plays football, soccer, baseball and basketball so this collection in FOR ME!

    The bubble wrap stamping is so clever! How'd you ever think of that? Now I'll have to order something so I can get some and give this a try.---because any that I might have at home is already popped--that's the first thing I do.

    and I'm a circle freak----gonna round me up some pill bottles, markers caps and whatever else I can find and stamp away!

    Thank you so much for sharing this! You just made my day!

    Hope you and your family have a great weekend!


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