Thursday, October 13, 2011

she's feelin' a little shy

she's feelin' a little shy. that's what she tells me anyway. HA! hard to tell from that full-of-personality photo up above, eh? there isn't a single shy bone in her body.

i'm convinced that if this daughter of mine could bottle up her personality and sell it, she'd be a millionaire.

♥ love, love, love her. ♥

hey...did you notice she's missing something?

in a conversation this morning:
spidergirl: "Mom, would you be mad if today was picture day and I had a tooth missing?."
mom: "No. Not at all."
spidergirl: "Why? (pause) because i look even cuter with my tooth missing?"
mom: "Yes, baby. yes you do! Let's go take some pictures of that cuteness!"

conclusion: last night she lost her first tooth.....and today she looks even cuter. (and thanks to the tooth fairy is a little bit richer.)

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