Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fiskars: weekend sewing with kids

are you looking for ideas on how to keep your kids occupied during their upcoming holiday break? if so, why not consider making a new tradition where you take on a sewing project that you work on together each and every 'holiday break'?

i've done exactly that with my children making dresses, and blankets, and pillows, and now........Christmas Stockings. :)

i've learned that kids love to help, they love to learn, and they love knowing they have a skill that isn't taught to most kids their age.

you can read about our latest sewing adventure together--making the stockings--in my latest Fiskars article by clicking over: Article on Christmas Stockings by Tania Willis

if i haven't convinced you after reading the article that there is a place for children to be involved with a sewing project, here's...

...4 simple reasons why i think it's important to involve children in your sewing & crafting projects:

1. To teach them a life-long skill.
Mending and hemming clothing can get quite expensive. Teaching children a skill to do these things on their own builds their confidence and self-esteem.

2. Teaching opportunities, beyond how to sew, abound.
Children are like little sponges, constantly soaking up every thing they see and hear. While teaching them to sew, not only do you have the chance to teach them a life-long skill, but the opportunity for reinforcing family values and educational lessons is also present. You can teach resourcefulness by using recycled materials, how to create your own pattern templates, & making do with what you have on hand. Younger children can test their AB or AABB pattern skills, while older children practice measurement & fraction skills.

3. Enhance their creative thinking and problem solving skills.
Sewing projects always come with a number of challenges, whether it be how to arrange the materials in a pleasing manner or fidgeting with a finicky bobbin in the sewing machine. Through these challenges children will learn patience and learn how best to put their creative thinking and problem solving skills to use as they work on solving the problem.

4. Instill a sense of accomplishment.
After finishing a project....which is more about the process for children than the end result---you'll notice they stand a little taller with their chest inflated just a little fuller as they happily proclaim..."I helped make this."

if you start a new 'holiday break' sewing tradition with your children, i'd love to hear about it and see your finished projects! you can email me or share a link here in the comments.

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