Monday, November 07, 2011

help a girl out, would ya?

so you remember that Silhouette Advent Calendar i shared the other day, yes?

looked a little something like this....

first, i want to remind all of you that you still have 5 days left to benefit from the promotion that Silhouette is allowing me to offer my readers! you can get your own calendar for $29.99 (that's $10 off!) until November 11th by using the Promo Code: SRM at checkout when you purchase through the Silhouette Online Store.

secondly, you can find tons of Advent Calendar inspiration by following this link: Pinterest. spread the love and inspiration and repin your favorite calendar!

lastly, comes the fun part! i need to pick your brain for a bit of help filling all those little drawers & compartments with goodies for the girls to open this holiday.

i've been wanting to do elf on the shelf for a few years now, and may still do so, but i want the ideas within these boxes to be a fun mix of treats and things to look forward to. i'd like them to be more 'experiences' than gifts/candy. of course, a few little trinkets will find their way in a few of those drawers.

so here's what i was thinking:
1. Chuck E Cheese tokens (for December 5, spidergirl's birthday)
2. Lipgloss or Lipsmackers
3. Pack of gum (for ashlyn), KitKat (for spidergirl)
4. Make gingerbread houses
5. Holiday Lights at the Zoo
6. Drive to look at lights in our pajamas
7. Watch Polar Express
8. Make cut-out cookies

clearly........i need help. there's 17 more boxes to fill! eeeks! can you help a girl out?


  1. How about a game's night?
    Pizza night?
    Making Decorations for the tree?
    Rent Christmas movie of your choice.
    Make a wreath, or banner or??? Holiday deck the home. (and Technically you could do several different projects together)
    Paint a plate for Santa cookies (assuming you have access to a ceramics place)
    I'll keep thinking.

  2. How about these?
    Eat a Christmas cupcake for breakfast
    Crafting an ornament for the tree
    Read a holiday novel outloud
    Rubber bracelets

  3. -- Read favorite Christmas book
    -- No TV for a day; only Christmas carols
    -- Take silly photobooth style photos
    -- Make button rings
    -- Make two ornaments -- one to hang on your tree and another to gift
    -- Make hot cocoa with unlimited amounts of chocolate and marshmallows
    -- Paint fingernails red and white striped like candy canes
    -- Make cinnamon rolls
    -- Make small gift for sister

  4. -- Paint a wintry scene on mini canvas
    -- Make paper snowflakes to hang in window [or as backdrop for photobooth]
    -- Make banner from punches, tinsel and crepe paper
    -- Make snowglobes
    -- Give them Hershey kisses with personalized message or sticker on bottom



thank you for taking time to leave me a comment! i will do my best to leave comments answering any questions you may ask :)


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