Monday, February 13, 2012

50% off Easy Canvas Prints + Free Shipping!

i'm sure if you've been taking photos for any length of time you've taken a photo or two that just sends goosebumps down your spine, yes?

over the last several years i've taken quite a few photos like that and knew immediately that they captured something that meant so much more than what you see right on the surface.

this picture? this is one of *those* pictures.

if you've been reading here a while, you might remember seeing it before. it's my two girls, so completely opposite, yet so enamored with one another. i took it Easter day, 2011, as they were sitting on the steps of the deck in my dad's backyard taking a breather from their activities. after taking it i had a smile permanently planted on my face the rest of the day.

these kind of pictures--the ones that evoke a million different emotions--these are the ones that deserve to live forever on a canvas.

i've always hesitated to order a canvas print, because they can be quite pricey and i have plenty of other things to allocate our limited funds to, but there's a new player in town--Easy Canvas Prints. have you heard of them?

they make ordering canvas prints affordable.

they have a wide variety of canvas choices and you don't have to have a professional photo to get a beautiful looking canvas. they have experts there who, for a nominal fee, will color correct, remove red eye, change to black & white or sepia, and a whole lot more if you don't have the ability to make those changes yourself.

(just a note: i make all my corrections using services. very easy to navigate and use!)

the canvas i chose was 16x20 (the perfect size to make a statement, in my opinion) with a .75" gallery wrap.

ordering the print was super easy with their step by step ordering process. start to finish took me less than 5 minutes and i had my canvas ordered in just 4 easy steps!

i first had to select my canvas size, upload an image---they even tell you if the quality of your image is suitable for the size you choose---view a preview, then you select your wrap style and image options. 1, 2, 3, 4, DONE.

the options you choose will update, real time, right on the screen so you can make sure that what you're choosing is really the look you want.

i was beyond impressed with their ordering process, customer service, and the turn around time from ordering to receiving. top notch. i ordered mine during the busy Christmas holiday season and still had it 3 days later.....without paying rush delivery. now that's QUICK!

the canvas arrived, with a lovely saturation of color and gloss finish. i loved that it was immediately ready to hang since it came with a heavy duty sawtooth hanger already on the back. the back also comes with special ordering identifiers in case your canvas is ever damaged and needs replaced. it's also dated with the order date. loved that!

right now, Easy Canvas Prints has a super sweet offer for those who take two seconds to LIKE their Facebook Page. Click over to the Easy Canvas Prints Facebook Page, click LIKE, and then you'll see a little gift icon in the left column that says: 50% OFF + FREE SHIPPING. Click that to redeem your coupon so you can order your very own canvas print.

with that offer you can get your 16x20 canvas print for $44.70!

oh, gets better! clicking over there i just noticed they are also running a Valentine promotion: BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE (plus 25% off the first one) + FREE SHIPPING.

that means the first 16x20 is $67.06, the second is FREE AND you get FREE shipping! WOWZA!

oh, and you aren't limited to the 16x20 size.....go smaller or go bigger. your choice!

happy shopping! (the hardest part for me is choosing the photo it took me daaaaaaaaaaaays! weeks, really. LOL.)

note: in keeping with full disclosure laws, it's important to note that i was offered to try out their service in exchange for this blog review---i was NOT paid to post the review. the opinions expressed in this post are my own. i do not make any commission on sales generated from this blog review. bottom line, i love my canvas, and i highly recommend Easy Canvas Prints! give them a try, you won't be disappointed. :)

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  1. i've always hesitated to order a canvas print, because they can be quite pricey.


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