Thursday, February 02, 2012

'Craft Your Own Valentine' Ideas

myself, along with several of my fellow designers, have crafted up some special Valentine's Day ideas using our favorite Fiskars tools.

but before i go on, did you know that Fiskars is celebrating 45 years of a design icon!?! 45 years. wow.

to celebrate, they are having 45 days of celebration. they are looking for YOU to share your favorite scissor story, or a photo of yourself with your orange handled scissors!

throughout the month they are also having interviews with some well-recognized names in the design industry through a series of interviews with some featured artists.........i'm super stoked for Monday's designer reveal. i've got a little crush on the man. :) and this week, they revealed Chris March---from the hit show Project Runway.

you can see the interviews here: Fiskars Featured Artist Page

check out details on the whole celebration here: Fiskars: 45 Years of a Design Icon

okay, so back to the hand-crafted Valentines.

if you find yourself looking for something to keep your hands busy between now and the day of love, you might consider starting with one of these:

Three Candy-Free Valentine's Day Ideas by Tania Willis (that's me!)

Kids' Valentine's Day Shirts by Mindy Miller
(i'm totally smitten with the 'be mine' one)

enjoy! and as always, if you have any questions or run into a snafu while crafting any projects, i'm always willing to help. just use that "email me" link over there in the sidebar! :)

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  1. I bought the kiddos glow bracelets for the same type project -- you make my heart glow!


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