Thursday, March 01, 2012

can i ask you something?

what is it that draws you to this blog?

the craft stuff?
the scrapbooking stuff?
the talk about raising a kid with sensory issues?
or something else altogether?

when i first started this blog i mainly blogged about the girls and used it as a way to keep grandparents informed & supplied with current photos. but as the years have gone by it's morphed into a mix of scrapbooking/crafting & personal life. and as even more years have gone by i feel like it's a bit more heavy on the scrapbooking.

but i'm finding myself in this weird little place where i feel a little tongue-tied and a little bit like 'so what. nobody cares about what my family does day in and day out.'

so, i'm trying to get a grasp on what brings you here? and what would you like to see me posting in this little space here on the net?

i'm such a people person, so blogging leaves me feeling like i'm having a singled-sided conversation.

so, whoever you are that's reading.......come out, come out wherever you are! leave me a note. tell me who you are. how you found me. and what you like most about visiting this space. and you can even tell me what you don't like if you want.

is there anything you've been dying to know about me and my little familiy but haven't asked? ask me now.....i promise i don't bite. :)

looking forward to 'meeting' you, dear readers.


  1. HOWDY! I've been following you for some time. Can't remember for sure how I found you, but I do read your blog often. I LOVE your scrapbooking style and also LOVE seeing your kids. I am a Grandma to 4, and just LOVE the variety of things you post! I think your blog is GREAT and wouldn't change a thing! Have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim

  2. I come back because it feels like visiting with a friend. I love it all - the family posts the crafty posts. I think finding a REAL person is just what is the best about what I have found here.

  3. Me-Ma Kim.....HOWDY to you! THANK YOU so much for sharing your insight. i appreciate you taking the time to do that.

    JennyKozar...hello, old friend! :) i'm thankful to hear that i'm coming across as real and not candy-coated. i think being pulled in a hundred different directions lately has me questioning every area of my life trying to find the right balance again. guess what!? i have a new video to share coming up this monday! :)

    thank you both for commenting and sharing what keeps you around. :)

  4. I like what PP Jenny said, that it feels like visiting a friend. I just like keeping up with you and how you are doing!

  5. I admit, I love reading about your family adventures the most. You definitely have a way with words and I love reading your honest journaling to the girls. I have a hard time putting down "on paper" my words but you always make me feel like my words will matter to my boys someday. The scrapbooking stuff always draws me in too because I have always LOVED your style.

  6. Hi Tania:

    I'm Vicki from Georgia and i've read your blog for quite some time. Not sure houw I found yu but I LOVE it just the way it is! I am a scrapper so of course I enjoy everything you share related to scrapping, taking photos, telling stories, etc.... I especially like your videos!

    I'm also a mom so I enjoy hearing and seeing 'what's up with your family'--- I especially like Ashlyn's art that you share with us. and the photos that you take of the two girls. Everyday Life is a big part of the way I scrapbook so I've gotten some great ideas from you just from your daily life posts.

    I also like the way you blog about the "hard stuff"---that's also a part of daily life and growing and being a family---and I'm sure it helps you 'deal with issues' just by writing about it---(i know it helps me -- I don't have a blog but I keep a journal and I WRITE IN IT DAILY--the good, the bad and the ugly--it just helps to write it down)


  7. I 1st found you when you listed your blog on the Fiskateer site.
    What brings me back...pretty much everything. I like to read about the personal, everyday stuff and the way you keep it real. It makes me kind of feel like I know you even though we have never met. I'm convinced that you are the true wonder woman by the way ;) I enjoy your recipes. Your loaded potato soup has become a family favorite :)I am also of course inspired by your crafting abilities & you have the most amazing tutorials. You pretty much all around rock in my book.

  8. Hi Tania, I think I found you through one of the mfrs. that you design for...was it LYB or Karen Foster? Don't remember. Anyway, I keep coming back because you have fun, crafty ideas, and you're always honest with every blog post. I like that. Some bloggers only ever post about happy things, which is OK, but that's not real, you know?
    I admire you for your strength, and I want you to know - even though-- whenever you pop up in my google reader, I may not click over to comment (sometimes I come up on a weird screen coming from google reader anyway!)-- I'm still here and listening. :)

  9. I've been reading since scrapsupply. Love the mix of everything.

  10. I found your blog because of its scrapbooking content (not sure how... it may have been a "recommended blog" when I first started using Google Reader), and I still love it for that-- but I also love your honesty and real-ness. You share your faith in the LORD boldly and your love for your family shines so brightly. Thank you so much for sharing your stories-- both the personal and the crafty :)

  11. I came here for the scrapbooking. I just adore your style, your use of color. I stayed because I'm hooked! Love hearing about your kids, was sad to read of your daily struggles with pain but so inspired by how much you manage to get done despite the challenges. I love your writing style~it really captivates me and makes me feel like we know each other. You make me laugh and you make me cry. You make me want to be a better person!

  12. Hi Tania! I'm Lauren from sunny South Africa. I found you through some scrappy site, or pinterest or something. At first I followed you just for scrappyness, but slowly i came back more often to see how you were doing or how the girls were! I love your photo's of them and the great ideas you have for the photo's, like the canvas with their legs and shoes! You are so honest when blogging, and for me, mostly somedays I can relate to exactly what you say. Not for the same reasons, but the same feelings. blog away! lhelstrip at


  13. Sorry I didn't write sooner ... but I just feel like you are a dear friend I like to keep tabs on, lol. I think I really started following you after my mom died and you had a post about your mom. You helped me a lot on dealing with it all. And you have a child who is a tad bit difficult at times, and so do I ... lol. But I just like YOU and your family. Hopefully I will meet you one day!


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