Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fiskars: Graduation Autograph Journal

graduation is just around the corner! hard to believe that the school year is ending already for so many of our youth, isn't it!?

if you have a soon-to-be graduate in the house, you may be interested in my latest project created for Fiskars....the Graduation Autograph Journal.

leading up to the day of graduation every graduate is bombarded with words of advice and tips for surviving the adventure ahead, whether that is the first year of college or moving straight into full-time employment. those words of advice can become a major source of strength over that first year of new-found freedom as they learn to maneuver the path that lies ahead. guests attending a graduate’s graduation party will have ample room to leave words of wisdom in this autograph journal that also showcases photos of the graduate.

it can be as plain or embellished as you’d like to make it. let me show you how to make one for your graduate and along the way i'll also share some of my favorite ways to use my Fiskars tools to jazz up what could be an otherwise plain journal.

and even if you don't have a graduate, this would make an awesome blank journal to keep your own words of gratitude. it can even be used as a non-traditional sign-in book for a wedding, bridal shower, or even baby shower.

in the article i also share several more photos of the innards of the album along with additional ways to use some of the tools you have that may be currently collecting nothing but dust!  these type of ideas can be used on *any* project.  so if making a graduation journal doesn't pique your interest, you might still learn a trick or two.
hope you'll take time to check it out!  and i'll see you back here tomorrow. :)

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