Monday, July 16, 2012

photo share: celebrating freedom

we kept with our usual 4th of July tradition again this year and headed over to Groveport to enjoy the mid-afternoon parade.  we weren't entirely sure that all the festivities would continue as Groveport had been without power for a few days prior because of the storm that blew through.  and actually part of the town was even out as the parade went one.

but, this parade is by far our favorite and wouldn't be missed unless it was officially cancelled.

some of the girls' cousins met at our house and followed us over while other cousins met us there.

doesn't this photo just melt you?  this is my step-brother Greg and his oldest daughter who is just ADORABLE!  she's quite the pro at this parade stuff by now---waving and collecting candy is her speciality.

it looks like a beautiful day, but it was HOT, HOT, HOT!  any more hot we would have poo-poo'd tradition and just stayed home.

when the cousins arrived to the house, i had just gotten done fixing the girls' hair into messy buns and spraying it with hair color that i stocked up on for 10 cents a can after halloween.  even at 7 and 10, my girls still love to dress up and find any excuse to dig into their costume bucket.

so, of course, the cousins needed a makeover too and aunt tania was happy to oblige!

only thing was so hot at the parade that when they were sweating their spray was melting off and dripping down their faces. it was a hot mess!

not sure what i did differently for my girls because for the most part their spray stayed put. i'm thinking maybe i sprayed theirs with hairspray afterward?  i dunno.

anywho. whatever it was that kept it in their hair, i'm thankful for, because this photo above is my new favorite!  i'm determined to get it printed on a large canvas before too long. the colors are so vibrant and their personality really shines through.  and spidergirl's big brown eyes just melt me! (click the photo to see it bigger!)

suzi lives in town and snagged us some super awesome seats, then spoiled the kids with goody bags filled with glowsticks, necklaces, sparklers, ring pops, and bubbles.  she's awesome like that.

and this little girl is my husband's sister's little girl.  she's quite shy when it comes to having a camera in her face, so i was extra giddy to have captured this photo of her!  for those of you who have been readers for a while, you think what we all think-----boy does she ever look like ashlyn did as a baby!  it's really unbelievable how much alike they look at this age.

and this is the same little girl up above waving at the parade passing by. gosh, she's beautiful!

of course, ya'll know, this is spidergirl!  sporting zebra sunnies and two missing front teeth.  she really wants her teeth to grow in before vacation.  i'm quite fond of that gap and hope it stays a while longer.

this is another one of doug's sister's kids....her oldest.  he's 6 weeks older than spidergirl, but she has about 20 lbs on him and a good 5".

my blonde beauty looking a bit like Marg Simpson, LOL.

these days, spidergirl is quite annoyed by my camera for the most part. she'd much rather blow bubbles than smile for me.

well, hello, suzi-Q! 

okay.......i have more, but my blogging time for the day has run out and i have to tend to some other things.

more soon.....

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