Thursday, September 27, 2012

in my inbox.

two nights ago, i was having a hard time articulating the sadness deep in my soul over the level of pain i deal with on a daily basis from a health condition. so i sent a dear friend a message and got this in response. 

"Good morning, my dear sweet friend.

I know you deal with the chronic pain each and every day and I know it wears your body down, but do not let it wear down your soul. And, I know it is easy for me to say all that since I don’t deal with the amount of chronic pain you do [only my plantar fasciitis junk], but know that in my heart, I feel your pain. The pain of my friend wears heavy on my heart.  I just wish there was something more I could do for you to help alleviate that pain. 

Now, raise your chin to the sky and breath in a new day, a new beginning and a new attitude. Breath in the hope and faith of the day. Breath in the love and support that surrounds you, even when you don’t realize it’s there through the physical and mental pain. Chin up.  

I see through your pain and your hurt and I see YOU, my lovely friend who has the heart of gold.   

I love you to pieces and pray each day that you see the light, the hope and the promise each day has to offer."  ---Sherry 

i don't ever want to forget.  in fact, i plan on reading this again and again and again until i believe every last word and the pain doesn't make me question my self-worth regardless of how agressive this disease is within my body.

thank you sherry........i think you're pretty darn AMAZING yourself. :)

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  1. Ah, girl, I love you to pieces and am blessed to call you friend. Hugs.


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