Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fiskars: Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble Mix featuring the Fuse Creativity System

crafting thoughtful homemade gifts to share with those you’re thankful for this holiday season doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming.

i've been jumping out of my skin waiting for the day when i could share my little tutorial on how to create these little gobblers. :)
it's what we've lovingly called "gobble, gobble" mix, because,'s so good you're likely to gobble it all up in no time flat! 

it's a combination of homemade (or store-bought) chex mix, with peanut butter candy coated pieces, candy corn and cheerios all mixed together. a perfect combination of sweet and salty!
i chose to use my leaf die along with my Fuse Creativity System to letterpress to create two large leaves to act as the turkey's fan of feathers, but you could easily recreate this turkey with only using the oval punch if that's what you have available. the waddle on his beak is actually cut from the stem portion of the newest seasonal leaf squeeze punch.
putting it together is really as simple as gathering some scraps of cardstock and your favorite tools and piecing together "feathers" to embellish a spoon-shaped turkey head. this is a project that works up rather quickly. my older daughter and i crafted up several of these to hand out as gifts to her teachers, doctors and nurses.  she got a kick out of seeing their faces light up as she handed them over.

interested in making your own? you can see the full step by step tutorial with supply list posted on Fiskars' website: Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble Mix by Tania Willis

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